I’ve been wanting to start this blog for months. I’ve also been on the injured list for months. It’s tough to start a running blog when you can’t run! I finally decided to just go for the blog, as I’m slooowly getting back into the swing of things.

To make a long story short, I love to run. I’m 28 and have been running for 16 years. I started off running track and cross-country and then moved to road races. My husband is my training buddy, and we decided try triathlon in 2010. We competed in a half Ironman in Calgary and Ironman Arizona that year. (For more info, read the About Me page!)

Finish of Calgary 70.3

Last year was pretty much a bust running-wise, so I’m anxious to get back at it! And I have to get healthy soon, as we’re registered for Ironman Canada at the end of August…in roughly 150 days.

I love to sweat; I love to run; my body craves a hard workout.

What have I been doing to prevent myself from going crazy without sweating, running, and hard workouts?

  • Biking (non-aggressive and without much power)
  • Swimming (sometimes arms only)
  • Lots of strength (arms, hips, back, legs)
  • Skiing (when vacation permits)
  • Cross-country skiing (when weather allows and vacation permits)
  • Long-boarding (when blessed to go somewhere warm and snow-free!)
  • Cuddling my pup

Skiing in TahoeCross-country skiing in Tahoe

Has it been optimal? No. Have I been grumpy? Most definitely. Have I felt sorry for myself? Of course. But, I’ve been doing my best and I always remember it could be so much worse.

Hopefully over the next few weeks and months I’ll be able to start blogging about workouts that make me sweat, make me shake, and make me the good sore.

Thanks for reading!

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