Where has the time gone?

Easter came and went, another snow storm came and went, and a lot of sweat came and went.

Easter highlight:
Going against tradition and hosting a healthy Easter brunch versus eating a large Ukrainian meal. Some eats included Mama Peas’ granilla and blueberry toaster waffles.

Snow storm highlight:
Being lazy the night it snowed and not feeling guilty about it! After a treadmill run, it was movies and relaxation!

Sweating highlights:
A pain-free 12km run. This was the furthest I’ve gone since last summer!
A nice mountain bike ride outside pre snow. (There’s way too much gravel to pull out the road bike yet.)
A swim with the hubby. It was only his second swim back since November 2010!

(I do wear a helmet…I just took it off before the photo!)

I went for another hurts so good massage last night. It was so painful, but I feel so much better today. My back muscles are no longer as tense as they were, but my IT bands and quad muscle that runs in that area was excruciatingly tight.

I’m looking forward to another weekend of, hopefully, strong workouts with a little distance added on.

What was the highlight of your week?

4 responses to “Where has the time gone?

  1. you two are just precious, and i mean that in an absolute grown up way! haha.

  2. You mountain bike? I think that is SO amazing – glad to see a chick getting dirty!

    When it’s hot this summer, you’ll miss the snow:)

    Your dog is adorable, kind of like the pup from The Grinch.

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