Wednesday’s web links…Kara Goucher, running cookies, and NFL schedules

Here’s a list of three things I’m loving on the web this week…

I read Adam Goucher’s blog regularly. I was so excited after reading today’s post. Not only does it include an adorable video of his and Kara’s son running, but also a new web page dedicated to Kara’s road to London.

I found these adorable “Couch to 5k” and running themed cookies on Bake at 350 blog. The cookies look amazing (along with all other recipes on the site). More importantly, if you read the post, I think Bridget is a running convert!

The NFL schedule was released yesterday. My beloved Giants and Manning brother kick off the season hosting the Cowboys. And my husband’s Broncos get FIVE prime-time games with the other Manning leading the team.

Broncos vs. Giants in Denver - Thanksgiving 2009

I always call my husband the biggest Bronco fan in Canada, so he is more than excited for this season! Hopefully we can make it to a game.

Are you an NFL fan? Who is your team?


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