Change the pace – On the run

Even if you love running, the luster wears off sometimes. It’s an effort to get out there. You put workouts off. You cut runs short.

There are some easy, foolproof ways to be itching for your next run again!

One of the easiest ways to rejuvenate your run is to tackle a new route.

Jasper National Park

I don’t know about you, but I tend to run the same routes day in, day out. I know the distances, I can run them from home, and it’s mindless. They’re also boring, the views are non-existent, and I have to stop for a lot of lights.

Last week I took Harold for a hair cut…

My handsome man before...and after

While he was getting coiffed, I went for a nice run. It’s a route I rarely do. My views are of the river on one side and gorgeous character homes on the other. I don’t have to stop for traffic lights, and there aren’t many vehicles.

Ahhh…the near perfect change of pace run.

Some other ways to rejuvenate your run:

  • Run at a different time of day. If you always run in the morning, run at night and clear your head from the day.
  • Run on a different surface. Depending on where you typically run try trails, a track, the treadmill, sidewalks, grassy fields, or the beach (if you’re lucky enough to live near one).
  • Switch up who you run with. Run with a partner or group, or alone if you’re usually with people.
  • Go naked. And I’m not talking about clothing optional races, although that may be what you need to get your <ahem> mojo back. Run without a watch, GPS, or music.
  • If you don’t have many options due to time constraints or safety, run your usual route backwards.
  • Make it fun. Go fast every time you see a green car. Speed up every three lampposts.
  • Have kids (or a dog)? Take them along and let them set the pace. (Barring you can keep up. I know Harold can run way faster than me!)

Cannon Beach, Oregon

We run because we love it. Next time you’re in a slump, try one of these tips.

What do you do when you’re feeling the running blahs?

15 responses to “Change the pace – On the run

  1. These are GREAT ideas! So often if I’m not training for something I get bored. Really like the idea of trying new routes more often.

  2. I love those ideas, and I think I’ll take you up on the new route one this afternoon! I’ve got 5 miles on the plan and it doesn’t sound fun at all right now!

  3. I’ve heard lots about using Run Zombies app…it sounds so fun!

  4. Stopping for lights is the WORST when you’re running, IMO. If I get back into running (an injured knee forced me to stop) I will follow some of these guidelines – anything to make my runs a bit more interesting! xx

  5. Going “naked” is definitely my go-to if I’m feeling the need to spice running up. It’s kinda crazy just how different it feels!

  6. Let me say, and this will sound ridiculous, that I rarely lose my running mojo. But I mix every week up–a few runs w/ friends, a few solo, and now, a weekly trail run. I love the variety!

  7. Whenever I start dreading my run I bring my dog out with me. It may not be the most effective run having to.stop and start but its a nice distraction and I know she loves it. Plus it helps me pick up the pace in order to keep up!

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