When did I turn into a wimp?

I’ve lived in Alberta my entire life (minus a few months here and there for travel when I was younger). Being able to battle the cold and varying weather comes with the territory.

I’ve run outside in -30 degree weather with windchills knocking it down to -40. I’ve run in blinding snow up to my knees. I’ve run on ice. I’ve run in sleet, rain, and intense winds. I’ve run in dry heat. I’ve run in humidity. I’ve run in +40 degree weather.

I’ve biked under snow-threatening skies, through thunderstorms (not advised), heat, and wind, wind, and more wind.

I dress appropriately and adjust my workouts and paces accordingly. I do it because I love it!

After an injury-filled year of sporadic running and cycling, I’ve turned into a wimp! We bought a treadmill in December, and twice over the past couple weeks I’ve turned to it because of snow or wind. The bike trainer has called to me more than the fresh air and endless blue Alberta skies when the temperature hasn’t been ideal.

Last night, I decided enough was enough! After an hour and 45 minutes trainer ride on Sunday (the furthest I’ve gone since before my Ironman in 2010!) I knew I wanted an outdoor ride. The winds were blowing, and the sky was heavy with rain but I went anyway.

I donned my highlighter yellow jacket to be extra visible if it started raining and hit the highway. The winds were against me in the third quarter of the ride, but I was expecting some tough cycling.

I’m getting my courage back!

Do you train in the elements or turn to indoor options?


2 responses to “When did I turn into a wimp?

  1. When I lived in Michigan the fact that I could get up in the very cold, dark winter and hit the gym still amazes me. I think sometimes maybe you get a bit lazy as to not wanting to fight certain element. Any time I get the courage and run in the rain or whatnot, I feel like a total bamf!

    Way to go! With wind, so impressed!

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