Wednesday web links…ultra photos, ultimate fans, amazing animals, and Olympic dreams

I have four favourite web links this Wednesday.

1.  An ultra marathon is on my bucket list. I’d love to solo the Canadian Death Race, a 125-km course that passes over three mountain summits and includes 17,000 feet of elevation change.

Another ultra that really piques my interest but is a lot less feasible (location and heat are a couple reasons) is the Marathon des Sables. It’s a six-day, 150 mile+ endurance race across the Sahara Desert in Morocco. Runner’s World has some photos up from the race. My favourite is photo four of a runner in his 70s! Amazing.

2.  I saw this blog a couple weeks ago and thought it was brilliant. Ben Rouse, the ultimate Brewers fan, is on a mission to attend all 162 Brewers games during the 2012 season.

Rouse, 25-years-old, beat leukemia for a second time and decided life is too short to not have fun. So he quit his job and hit the road, cheering at all home and away games. He isn’t only in it for fun; Rouse is also raising awareness and funds for Be the Match Registry. During his second battle with cancer, he received umbilical cord blood that saved his life.

I love that he includes stats at the end of every post, including how many ball park sausages he’s eaten!

3.  This news clip is too cute not to share. A blind dog has his own guide dog.

4.  My sister sent me this video, and I definitely got teary. It’s a Proctor & Gamble commercial about everything moms do to help their children succeed in sport, leading up to Olympic glory. And it’s just in time for Mother’s Day! (So excited for the Olympics!!)

Would you ever consider running the Marathon des Sables?

What Olympic sport are you most excited to watch? My favourite is track. Swimming and triathlon come in a close second!

4 responses to “Wednesday web links…ultra photos, ultimate fans, amazing animals, and Olympic dreams

  1. Ok, I’m crying at the P&G commercial, seriously. And I’m afraid to look at the dog one…. Great post!

    I’m excited about the triathlon as well, and definitely track and field.

    I don’t think I could sign up for any race with the name “death” in it,ha!

  2. I’m SO excited for the Olympics! I like swimming and gymnastics. I actually have NEVER watched triathlon on the Olympics. The last time the summer Olympics came around I only had a vague sense of what a triathlon was oddly enough!

    And those ultra marathons sound INTENSE! That will be quite an accomplishment when you finish one ! 🙂

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