Jasper recap

We had an amazing first camping weekend to kick off the season. Jasper is our favourite place to camp. It’s also one of our favourite places to visit, especially since we can take Harold!

Some highlights from our weekend excursion:

I went on a glorious 20 km run, which is the furthest I’ve gone since the Disney Marathon 16 months ago. The best news is that nothing hurt after even though there were lots in inclines! I also ran with a great new hydration pack that held water, bear spray, toilet paper, and my camera!

Once I got back and cleaned up we hiked part of the Overlander Trail. My legs were ready to give out on the climbs after my run, but the views and fun we had were more than worth it.

It was Kelly’s turn for a good workout early Sunday morning. (We have to take turns so somebody is with Harold at camp!) He took off for a gorgeous bike ride to Medicine Lake while Harold and I chilled out and read.

Once he got back we decided to take the scenic walk into jasper. These are some of my favorite trails in the area.

The rest of the day and night was spent reading by the fire and relaxing.

It was an ideal weekend that we hope to repeat this summer! You can do some amazing training in the jasper area. We’ll try to take Harold as often as we can and work our training schedule around it, but we’ll probably leave him at the grandparents a couple times too.

What were the highlights of your weekend? Do you like to camp?

5 responses to “Jasper recap

  1. training, camping, family time… that’s beautiful right there!

  2. Sounds absolutely perfect! Oh, Harold was a good sport, good parents!

    Glad you ran so well, amazing. Nature will do that to you.

    We have got to whip out the camping equipment soon, I’m itching!

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