Change the pace – Bike

Depending on where you live, Bike Month may be just around the corner. Bike Month (or week) encourages everyday cycling for everyone. It’s supposed to get more people cycling, more often.

Here are a few {easy} ways to incorporate cycling into your everyday life:

  1. Commute to work by bike instead of by car. Yes, you may have to leave a bit earlier or get more organized in the mornings, but the fresh air and workout will do your day a world of difference.
  2. Instead of going for one big grocery trip each week, go for a few smaller ones and cycle to the store. Don’t forget a bike lock and backpack to carry the goods home.
  3. Do you have a pal or spouse that runs faster or longer? Ask them if you can ride alongside them on their next tempo or long run. I bet they’ll love the company! Bonus points if you carry water or snacks for them.

    I was water girl and photographer on this run!

  4. If your dog is super energetic and you can’t always take it for a long enough walk, try biking. We take Harold on bike rides when he needs to run. The amazing thing is that I sometimes have trouble keeping up with his running on my bike!
  5. Cross train. If you primarily run, you probably know you should mix it up and incorporate some other cardio into your regime. Cycling is easier on your knees and can be done lightly for a recovery workout or hard for a good sweat session.
  6. Rent a bike instead of a vehicle when you’re on holidays. It’s a great way to explore the location!

My husband has been commuting to work for a while now, even through the below freezing temperatures. He loves the freshness of the morning rides and the stress relief the post-work ride provides.

I’m nervous of city drivers, but I think in June (our bike month) I’ll put in the effort to get out on the bike more for everyday activities.

Not only is it good for your body and good for your soul, but it has a positive impact on the environment.

How could you incorporate more cycling into your  life? 


5 responses to “Change the pace – Bike

  1. Cycling is a fave of mine, really looking forward to bike month! My poor dog’s leash would get all over the bike if we tried, but good idea for Harold:)

    The hus is 100% comfortable on a road bike in traffic, I am a huge wimp. I prefer the calmer bike paths.

  2. Hats off to your husband for commuting by bike, even through winter! We are lucky where I live to have bike baths all over town. We can ride wherever we want and we do that quite a bit.

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