Spring has sprung

I took a week off running since my knee was really irritated after my last run. I filled my time biking and swimming.

I typically run after work, as I like to come home and visit my pup before getting it done!

Stretching it out before a workout

I had to work late yesterday so decided to give my knee a test and went for a jaunt on my lunch break.

It was a fabulous change of pace. I ran in the river valley, which has blossomed into spring within the last week with greenery everywhere.

The best part is that my knee felt good, even with inclines and some steep downhill. I need to put in the effort to run from work every once in a while. The trails are gorgeous, and it’s such a nice break from the office!

I foam rolled that morning and took my small travel roller to work so rolled again before and after my run. I think that rolling my IT band and quads really helps with my knee pain.

I swam this morning and biked after work. Although I professed my love for biking last post, today was a different story. The winds were super strong, and I was riding my Trek Madone which is a super light carbon fibre bike. I was tossed around and at one point when an intense cross-wind gust came I thought I was going to crash. Here’s to hoping we don’t have a windy summer!

I’m loving the increased mileage and *hope* I can continue safely upping my distances.

How’s your week going? Have you had any good runs or rides?

8 responses to “Spring has sprung

  1. totally agree with you about the racing road bike!!! wind sucks

  2. This has been my week of laziness to the max! No big runs/rides. Perhaps next week! My goal is to make myself a little stir crazy from not running after my marathon because I don’t want to get burned out 🙂 When I reach that point, I’ll start back up 🙂

  3. The week is fine, just too much work 🙂 your dog is very, very cute!

  4. That is a GREAT break! And we all have those off days on the bike, but you made up for it:)

    And I definitely doubt you were anything near lazy!

    Cute pic of you and the pup.

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