Long weekend workouts

In Canada we celebrated Victoria Day on Monday in honour of Queen Victoria’s birthday. In reality, most people celebrate the day off work and the first long weekend of summer!

Although we love to camp, we decided to stay in the city this weekend to avoid the crowds and the cooler weather.

Instead, we took to the roads! The hubby worked all day Saturday, so I went out for my 21km run by my lonesome. I actually love to run by myself. If I can’t run with Kelly, my second favourite way is to run alone.

I rolled my IT bands before I went and had a pain-free half marathon! It felt GREAT and is now the furthest I’ve gone in 16 months.

On Sunday we hit the road for a 100km ride.

My husband suggested a route we did a couple years ago when training for IMAZ. It goes along super quiet highways with some gentle rollers. It’s actually where I got in my only 180km ride last time. It was cold, grey, and the trees were bare when we’d ride it in 2010.

This weekend it was warm, sunny, and the trees and crops were flourishing. Kelly did some out and backs to me in the first quarter and then rode with me the rest of the way. Although it was windy most of the way home, Kelly let me draft off him. It was an ideal ride and an ideal day!

I forgot how tired I get after longer workouts than I’m used to, so the rest of the day wasn’t very productive! When we took the little beast out for his exercise, we took out the bikes.

On Monday morning we were both pretty tired so took an easy ride to the gym (yup, I used my cruiser again!) and went for a 2km swim. It felt wonderful to get in some quality distance this weekend!

It’s supposed to be cold and rainy here for most of the week so hopefully I can continue with some strong workouts.

What were some of your weekend highlights? 


4 responses to “Long weekend workouts

  1. You made the most of it. I love long cycling trips with my hus as well. And seriously, you’re cruiser is adorable!!

    I’m trying to soak in this great weather as well.

  2. I went bike riding also in NYC! I’ve always been scared to but it was actually so much fun

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