Three months to go!

Saturday marks three months until race day at Ironman Canada. Yikes. I’m on the mend and have been able to get in some good rides and runs. I’m cautiously increasing my mileage, faithfully rolling my IT bands, and loving every minute of it.

However, I’m nowhere near where I thought I’d be. When we signed up for the race last August, I was injured but raring to go. I thought I’d be ready and back in training with months to spare. Instead, I have six weeks of solid training behind me.

With three months until IMAZ in 2010 I had already raced an Ironman 70.3, been riding 100km+ for months, and was running 21km+ every weekend.

Meeting at the finish line

I start to get worried about my level of training and compare myself to last time but then stop myself. I’m just so happy to be training right now. I’m so happy to be feeling healthy (knock on wood).

I’ve adjusted my standards, which isn’t a bad thing. If anything it’s kind of nice. I’ll work towards getting to the race healthy and finishing it. I’ll *try* not to beat myself up if I miss a workout. I won’t have a goal of setting a personal best. I’ll go out there and have fun.

Despite being on the course for over eight hours at this point, I was having FUN!

When I registered for the race Kelly didn’t. Instead he was going to sign up to solo the Canadian Death Race. He got injured and realized that an Ironman would be better to train for than the death race since he could still bike and swim. He recovered and has been healthy for months now. (Again, knock on wood!)

We signed him up for the Ironman through the Ironman Foundation a few months later. I am so happy, as there aren’t many things I like better than spending long training days with Kelly.

Here’s to three healthy, safe, and fun months of training! I plan on enjoying every mile.

6 responses to “Three months to go!

  1. Stay positive and enjoy the training. Looks like you have a great base of fitness so don’t feel like you’re behind. You’ll rock it!

  2. I cannot express how honestly impressed I am with your dedication. Ironman’s are a thing of true beauty and athletic passion. I applaud you even signing up – regardless of what happens. I wish I could swim better, I’d go for it. You are truly talented and of course we wish you happy, healthy training. Can’t wait to cheer you on!

  3. Great attitude to take. I think you’ve got the base to work from, plus you are experienced at IM, so that counts for a lot. And 3 months is still plenty of time — it will all turn out better than you expect, I think!

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