Wednesday web links – pro athlete mania!

Here are three links I’m loving this Wednesday.

1. Canadian Ryder Hesjedal won the Giro D’Italia cycling race this past Sunday. He’s the first Canadian to win the Giro, one of the three grand cycling tours. Here are some clever quotes congratulating him on his huge win:

2. Linsey Corbin, a pro triathlete, posted a great little video of a training day in her life:

I love the music, the honu (sea turtle) interludes, and her hardcore training in Kona!

3. Self magazine’s Five on 5 interview with Chrissie Wellington:

It’s a little more insight into what Chrissie is all about and what drives her.  They discuss her new book, A Life Without Limits.

6 responses to “Wednesday web links – pro athlete mania!

  1. That Five on Five interview is great! Well, I actually like all your links. Awesome finds – I feel like I need to go for a run now:)

  2. we know lindsey well. She’s got a great perspective on life too. My hubs and her share the same coach. Now, if only i had her speed! haha

    • You are so connected! After following her career and blog for a few years now, it does seem like her and her husband have great perspectives.
      Hope you’re enjoying your trip!

  3. I didn’t follow the Giro this year, so the winner is news to me–very cool that the first Canadian did it! These are great links–Lindsey and Chrissie are inspirational athletes!

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