Crosswinds, angry dogs and old age

It was another solid workout weekend that really informed me of one thing: I’m getting older!

After a busy week with some missed workouts and low mileage I was ready to go on Saturday morning. The hubby and I hit the highway for our longest ride so far this year.

He zoomed off and I struggled, unsuccessfully, to hit a decent pace. There was a strong crosswind and I simply couldn’t pedal fast or strong enough to pick up speed. Kelly did some out and backs to check up on me. It was so frustrating to see him pedal seamlessly into the wind and become a speck in the distance in no time. He’s going to crush the bike at IronmanCanada!

About a quarter of the way into our ride we came across a very protective farm dog. Unfortunately, he only had eyes for me and came running towards me at an incredible pace. Fortunately, Kelly was riding with me (a few metres behind) and called the dog so it would run towards him instead. Disaster averted!

On our training rides two years ago, we’d often have farm dogs chase us. Some were angry and some were friendly. It’s tough to know what they are when they come running towards you at top speed.

I finished the day with 120km and some good time in the saddle.

Later that day, my knees just ached. It wasn’t necessarily my typical knee pain but more of a dull ache. I’m attributing it to a couple things: a cooler, windy ride; a longer distance than I’ve done in a couple years; and getting older. I realize I’m in no way old, but I do think being a couple years older is affecting my body.

I also don’t know if I just don’t remember what it’s like to train long, or if my body needs more sleep and recovery. After the ride on Saturday I was exhausted and when I woke up on Sunday I was still tired. We headed out for a 15 km run. I was pretty sluggish but happy that my knees were fine.

I’m hoping to get my mileage back up there this week and knock off some quality workouts.

Have you ever been chased by a dog when running or biking? Any tips for what to do if you’re alone?

10 responses to “Crosswinds, angry dogs and old age

  1. Oh bless, so sorry you had an off day, but I am sure you’ll be back at it in no time!! Glad your knee is OK too! Ice, ice baby!

    yes, I have been followed closely. I typically try to either go fast enough to lose it or just stop and let the dog sniff and move on. You have to be so careful bc they’ll cross right into your path.

  2. I’ve also noticed how I require more quality sleep as the years go on…you’re not alone!

    I’m also impressed with your long ride, sounds like quite the workout. I know what you mean– Tappan just effortless flies ahead of me, while I sit there turning my legs and going nowhere nearly as fast. Must be a guy thing.

  3. I always carry mace. I haven’t had to use it on dogs or weirdos, but you never know when you’ll need to.

  4. Awww, I hear ya on the age thing…30 is calling my name all too soon 😦 Typical guys just breezing along while we bust our a**…gotta love em’! I always wonder what they are REALLY thinking…

  5. oh knee pain, i know that feeling! rest up and ice up, hope it feels better!

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