Mistakes made & lessons learned

I learned two valuable lessons this week in training:

  1. If you tell someone which route you’re taking, stick to that route.
  2. Always bring an extra layer on the bike.

I went out for a ride last Monday. As I was heading out, my husband was coming home from work on his commuter bike. He told me he’d be a bit getting his road bike prepped  but that he’d catch up to me so we could ride home together. I told him the route I was taking.

Turns out, there was a train blocking my route. Instead of waiting or heading back the way I came to intercept him, I went a different direction.

Long story short, he was really worried about me when I wasn’t on the route I said I’d be on. He called my mom to see if I had called her due to bike trouble. She got scared and came to look for me, too.

I ended up seeing her on the highway and she called Kelly to tell him I was ok. The {non}funny thing was that when I saw her my heart jumped into my throat because I thought something happened to Kelly! (My parents are listed on his Road ID.)

I totally learned my lesson and will ALWAYS stick to the route I say I’m going. Or, call the person I told to tell them I’m going a different way.

Lesson #2

The forecast was decent for our long Sunday ride. The temperature slowly dropped. The winds picked up. The rain clouds rolled in. It rained; then it poured. And it continued to pour for our last 80 minutes home.

I, thankfully, took arm warmers. Kelly only had on a short-sleeved jersey. He froze the entire ride home. My feet were numb, but other than that I was doing ok. About 6km from home, I got a flat tire. (I couldn’t see a thing in front of me due to the rain.) We stopped and Kelly changed my tube since he’s SO much faster at it. In the five minutes we stood there, we both turned into icicles. Oh, and it started thundering and lightning…not a good thing to be in when on your bike!

We both learned our lesson and will take a jacket or long-sleeved shirt with us for long rides. (Unless it’s amazing weather, which it rarely is here.)

What’s the last lesson you learned? Have you gotten stuck in rotten weather?


6 responses to “Mistakes made & lessons learned

  1. At least once a year I seem to get caught in some kind of horrific weather on the bike. If it seems like the forecast is less than decent, I have a package rainshell (stuffs into a super-tiny ball) that I can put in a jersey pocket. In the spring and fall, I always carry it even if the forecast looks good, along with some hand and toe warmers as they are also easy to slip into a jersey pocket. In the winter I usually ride with a pack with extra gloves, a jacket, hand and toe warmers… but despite feeling prepared it seems like at least once a year I end up frozen and crying in some freak storm!

  2. Reminds me of when Josh and I went for a run whilst we were on holiday in Thailand and got caught in monsoonal rain- what was even worse was that we got lost and spent over 2 hours trying to find our hotel. Lesson learned? Running in a foreign place – take a map.

  3. Oddly enough, just last week my husband and I went running together, he went ahead and I forgot which turn to take on the trail. I got lost for 2+ miles, I was OK but he was absolutely panicked. Scares you a bit too.

    When we hike we never know what we’ll run into so we have a light allproof weather sack that goes everywhere with us. You never can be too prepared when you’re far away from your car.

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