Long weekend indulgences

Another long weekend in the books. Although we were stuck in the city, it was pretty fun!

I started off the weekend by meeting girlfriends for dinner and chatting the evening away.

I ate so much that Friday’s dinner fueled me for Saturday’s 25km run! I typically eat a little something before a run and take something with me in case I get hungry. But on this run I didn’t need anything.

Kelly worked, so I ran alone. I actually don’t mind running alone. I prefer to run with him, especially on longer days, but it’s always enjoyable to just do my thing.

Saturday night was the season opener for our Canadian Football League (CFL) team. We’re huge NFL fans, so sometimes the CFL is a little slow. But this year we decided to get out and support our team a few times. Our team won, too, which is always a bonus!

It was a glorious evening and fun date night! We started off with dinner at a little Italian place then headed to the game. We saw (and smelled) the mini donuts and couldn’t resist; the bucket was inhaled pretty quickly.

On Sunday, we rode a {sopping} wet 90km. I would have liked to do more, but it just wasn’t safe to be out on the highway in the driving rain. My knee started to bug me a bit towards the end since I was really pushing and riding hunched over. It didn’t help that we had to stop to fix my tire when my legs were already super cold.

I foam rolled a ton and threw in about 30 minutes of yoga for the hips and IT band from Sage Rountree’s The Athlete’s Guide To Yoga. I felt a lot better after that.

We had Monday off in lieu of Sunday being Canada Day. So I woke up early and cruised to the gym for a 3km swim. I felt pretty sluggish but just wanted to get in some distance so was happy I did. I debated going for another ride or a run but thought it’s better to let my knee rest after the weekend’s efforts.

A visit and play with the little niece and a few nice walks with the pup rounded out out the weekend.

What are your 4th of July plans? Canadians- did you do anything special to celebrate the nation’s birthday? 


7 responses to “Long weekend indulgences

  1. No huge plans for the 4th– just hanging out with my friends and seeing some fireworks in Richmond!

    I admire the fact that you enjoy your long runs on your own…I definitely prefer to break them up with a group for at least part, then the time flies more quickly.

  2. Ugh–a long ride in the rain is TOUGH! Good for you for getting though it. Hopefully IM Canada will have none of that in store for you. I love the Sage R. yoga DVD. She’s really great at tuning into just what ails you!

  3. I hope your knee is feeling better. I ran a marathon this morning in Portland for the 4th of July and qualified for Boston!

  4. I like any live sporting event – sounds awesome!

    Happy belated Canada day:)

    Great road work considering riding in the rain makes you tense almost the whole time. Tell that knee to behave!

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