Six weeks to race day

With six weeks to go until Ironman Canada and plenty of triathlons and the TdF to watch and read about, I am more than inspired to hit a couple peak weeks of training.

We had an easy eight days when we were on holidays but came back in time for a solid weekend of training. I was a little worried after an easy week, a long-boarding mishap that bruised my knee and elbow and inflamed cartilage in my chest, and a 19-hour drive.

On Friday we ran 20km. I would have liked to go further but the air quality was poor due to forest fires. I’m glad we managed to hit that distance! On Saturday we woke up to a gorgeous day and got on our bikes for a 160km ride. I forgot how much that distance hurts!

Mentally, it scares me to know I have to go 20km further after swimming 3.8km and then get off the bike and run a marathon. I also know that I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again.

(I really need to work on my mental game in these last weeks!)

On Sunday we hit the pool and got in 3km. I still have to progress my swim distance. Hopefully within the next week I can get in the full 3.8km swim with a little extra.

Overall I was happy with training this weekend. I felt my knee at the beginning of the run but chalked it up to my fall. I was exhausted on the bike but I expected it since I haven’t reached that distance in a couple years. It was also a hot day, which was great training since I’m expecting heat for the race. Thankfully I was able to use proper form during the swim without my chest hurting.

Kelly rocked both the run and the bike but has been having serious foot cramping in the pool. The cramps generally don’t start until 2.5km but then are so debilitating he has to stop and stretch. I’ve done some research and don’t think they are due to hydration or nutrition. I read on a few forums that over-exertion of calf muscles and pushing off the wall could be to blame.

Here’s to a couple of healthy, strong, and safe peak weeks!

Has anyone experienced foot or calf cramping when swimming? What did you do to help?

What was your toughest workout of the weekend?

25 responses to “Six weeks to race day

  1. fortheloveoflifeandrunning

    Your 2nd IM, really cool. I’ll be keeping up with you until race day. Get the most out of your peak weeks…and good luck.

  2. Hm….I’ve never had foot cramping but I guess I’d actually have to spend some time swimming for that to happen– this is one of my goals this summer! I swear I’m going to make the swimming happen!

    And by the way, I LOVED your Oregon photos, absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Only six more weeks–crazy! How long will you taper? When I did IMLP, my coach actually started dialing it back 4 weeks out, which seemed a bit long.

    I’ve never had the foot cramping in the pool issue. Hope he can get it figured out!

    • Oh, I was hoping you would have advice for the foot cramping since you’re such a swimmer!
      I’m not following a plan this time around but I think I’ll stick to a two week taper. My second peak week (hopefully!) will be four weeks out and then I’ll decrease a little for two weeks before tapering for the last two.

  4. My friend Asia deals with cramping and she drinks pickle juice before her swims now – she swears it works!

    6 weeks will pass by so quickly! Enjoy the last few weeks of training!

  5. Training sounds like it is moving along well. I am so impressed! It’s amazing to me as I am prepping for a sprint tri how much mentally I have to re-prepare for the race. Even though I have done longer races in the past, I sometimes forget this. I hope one day to be able to find the time and energy to train for a half IM. We shall see…

    As for cramping, totally possible that it happens from pointing toes during the kicking of the swim. As you fatigue, all the little muscles in the foot that aren’t used to working that hard tend to kick in. It may be worthwhile to do some stretching first and focus on pointing the foot and relaxing the toes (if this is even possible). I would also think that strengthening the little foot muscles might help. I haven’t had this happen so I don’t know from experience! Wishing you both a healthy and happy 6 weeks!

  6. You most absolutely WILL be amazing! You are normal for having the butterflies, you’re at a training milestone. I am so proud of your dedication.

    That foot camp thing scares me! I am so sorry to hear that, I’ll ask my girlfriend that does tris:)

  7. Sounds like some great training and more to come. My weekend included a short run and a 45 mile bike ride (nothing compared to your long ride!). This coming weekend I’m hoping to get an open water swim done and some more biking and running. Stay healthy!

  8. i love IM Canada. It’s so great! i have a good feeling youre gonna rock it!! I’ll be cheering!

  9. Sounds like your training is going really well. My boyfriend’s brother-in-law just finished his first Iron Man and I am so intrigued at how the body can be pushed so hard! It really is an achievement and I hope the next few weeks of training go smoothly and enjoyably 😀

  10. Sounds like you’re on top of your training! Love the blog, just come across it. Don’t know whether to feel impressed or envious or both! 😉 One day I might try… but for now it’s half marathons and possibly a duathlon (rubbish swimmer!). Oh, and we backpacked Thailand & South-East Asia as well in 2004! Good luck with everything, can’t wait to read more about it all.

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