Missing in {training} action

It’s been a busy week with a lot of solid training time. After a strong week with one brick and two, two-a-day sessions I got in a 3.5 km swim, 23km run, and 175km bike over the weekend.

Needless to say my legs are smashed and although I’d love to keep pushing through I’m taking today completely off and going for a much-needed massage.

On Sunday we got in our 175km by riding in the Tour d’Alberta. We knew our legs would be tired so went into the day as a supported training ride. Lots of the roads we cycled are roads we ride most weekends. The weather couldn’t have been better (sunny with light winds), and the Tour was put on exceptionally well.

The rest stops were really well-supported, I never had to wait for the porta-potty, and there were a ton of support vehicles riding the route.

It was the first supported ride I’ve ever been on, and I really enjoyed it. Kelly had a blast! He usually rides with me (meaning a lot slower than he can go). He rode with the front guys in a group, which was awesome since he may move into cycling next year instead of running.

I rode by myself for 95% of the ride, so it was a bit tough mentally. There just wasn’t anyone around me…ever. My parents, our super-fans, came out to watch. I think I ended up seeing them five times, and it is such a boost to see people you know!

You might also note that my beautiful Trek Madone 5.2 has aero bars on it. My husband was not impressed when I asked him add these on to my bike!

I have a time trial bike, Giant Aeryn Alliance, that I rode for Calgary 70.3 and IMAZ in 2010.

FREEZING coming out of the water

Since then it has hung in our basement and then moved out the garage. I’ve been riding my Madone all this year and the few bikes rides I managed last year.

I keep saying I’ll give the Aeryn a whirl so I can decide which one to ride for IM Canada. Well, I still haven’t ridden it. On Saturday my husband finally pulled off my IM race numbers and I finally washed the Arizona red dirt off it! He got it all spiffy (cleaned the chain, etc) so I could either ride or sell.

I’ve ridden multiple 90s, 120, 150, 160, 175, and all my weekday rides on my Trek. I think it’s too late now to switch bikes, especially since I love this one. The Trek climbs well (IM Canada is hilly) and my body feels good on it. My only issue was being able to go into aero. Now, I have the best of both worlds!

I think we’ll sell my Giant since I haven’t ridden it for two years. And, it’s only been used for one season and is in remarkable condition. It was an awesome bike, and I really hope I made the right decision with the Trek.

Thoughts? Does anyone else use a road bike for long-course triathlon?

What did you do this weekend?

11 responses to “Missing in {training} action

  1. Ride the bike you feel the best on… TT bikes are generally faster, but not if you’re not comfortable on it. Also, I think it’s great to do some long rides on your own… IM is such a long day and for the most part you’re on your own on the ride as you can’t ride close enough to anyone to chat. Great mental training.

  2. Wow, you are a race monster! This is awesome, kudos for busting through that tough ride – with the awesome support of the family, very cool.

    Tri bikes are obviously better but I agree with Alison that you should go what you feel comfy on. My girlfriend does all of her Ironmans on her tri bike bc that’s what she trains the most on. Don’t mess with what you know!

  3. I have so much fun reading about your biking…mostly because I have absolutely NO idea what it’s like 😉 I have always wanted to get into it, but to be honest, those bikes are super intimidating (and expensive!). At any rate, it sounds like you are totally rocking your training program!!!

    • Thanks! It’s a lot easier to get in to than you think. I was super intimidated when I got my first road bike and didn’t transfer to other pedals for a really long time! If you decide to take the plunge, let me know!

  4. Nice mileage! That first cycling pic does look lonely! Mental toughness, right?

    I ride a Madone also. When I was more into tri, I was on a TT bike. It’s a tough call for you–I do find my Madone to be the most comfortable ride ever and sometimes comfort counts for the most. Good luck to you figuring it out!

  5. Mental toughness is right! People keep telling me to ride alone and I’m not looking forward to it! Glad you still had a great ride!

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