Olympics fever

Since I’ve had more time on my hands than usual and since I love athletics and triathlon, I was a super fan this weekend!

You might think being a super fan involves painting your face with your country’s flag or talking up your team in a local pub. I have a different idea.

Five signs you might be a super fan:

  1. You wake up in the middle of the night to watch events live, multiple days in a row, regardless of how little sleep it means you’ll get.
    I woke up at 2am to watch the female triathlon live, 4am to watch the women’s marathon, and 4:30am on a workday to watch the men’s triathlon.

    Credit: Photo by Steve Russell, Toronto Star

  2. You cry along with the athletes and their families at their incredible accomplishments and devastating heartbreak.
    Without fail, I have cried every.single.time I see the image of Kara and Shalane supporting eachother post-marathon. I cry at the wins. I cry at the losses.

    Credit: Photo by Stu Forster, Getty Images

  3. When talking about the Olympics, you start most sentences with I was watching the Olympics and quietly crying or I couldn’t see the event clearly through my tears.
    My husband called me on this one. Apparently every time I talk about an event, I tear up or mention how I cried.
  4. You tune in to the Olympics on multiple devices (TVs, iPad, and MacBook) so you don’t miss a beat.
    That was me yesterday morning. The men’s triathlon was still on when I had to get ready for work. You better believe I had the tv on in multiple rooms and the event on my iPad so I wouldn’t miss a second.

    Credit: Photo by Sean Kilpatrick, The Canadian Press

  5. Although you watched an event televised live, you make every effort to catch it a second (and maybe even third time).
    Guilty. I’ve watched an event live, re-watched it, and then watched it again pretending it’s because my husband just had to see it.

    Credit: Men’s 10,000m photo taken from london2012.com. (Click photo to go to webpage.)

I am absolutely heartbroken for two Canadian triathletes Simon Whitfield and Paula Findley. I wanted to write about their devastating races but found this blog by Adam Kreek that says it perfectly:  A Tribute to the Fallen – Simon Whitfield crash, Paula Findlay last place finish at Olympic triathlon.

If you’re in the Olympic spirit, have a read. They are two phenomenal athletes, who do what they do because they adore the sport.

Although the writer is talking about two brilliant Olympians, a lot of his messages are good reminders to all of us: we have plenty in our lives other than our athletic experiences, embrace challenge, and take lessons you’ve learned through running or whatever sport you love and apply them to other aspects of your life.

What Olympic story has made you cry, either good or bad? What’s been your favourite moment so far? In athletics, do you prefer watching sprints, distance, jumps, throws? 

19 responses to “Olympics fever

  1. I’m sure my work will be happy when the Olympics are over, I have been obsessively reading live results online then watching the events DVRed at home.
    I really like the quote in the article you linked; “Success is a function of our expectations”…so true.

  2. Guilty and glad I’m not the only one who cries a lot when watching or even talking about the Olympics! (Yes, my husband also makes a little fun of me when I tear up just talking about it–kinda like when I watch Kona, although the clip of Jon Blaise makes him cry too.) I’m a sucker for the compelling stories of hardship and how they got to be there. And then remember the old saying–‘the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat’? I recently cried when Kirini James swapped numbers with Oscar Pistorius after 400 meters semi, then when Kellie Wells got 3rd in the 100m hurdles, when any gymnast falls, and I could go on and on. 🙂

  3. Such a good post! I am totally an Olympics fan, but here in Australia the timing of the events suck. Have to wake up/go to sleep extremely early/late to catch most of the events. I am loving watching the athletics… distance and sprints! Love seeing the families of the athletes, also makes me shed a tear 😛

  4. I was a bit heart broken after the marathon, I was so hoping Shalane or Kara would medal. I know they both did great, but was still a little sad for them. And last night I was bummed that Lolo Jones didn’t medal after what happened 4 years ago. I can’t even imagine that disappointment!

    Hope your shoulder is feeling better.

  5. One word from Bob Costas and I’m putty.

    Sport ist Scheisse. what a great read and better quote.

    They Olympics are something special, and to think how infrequently they come to know how hard these athletes work for seconds or hours, it’s unbelievable.

    • I think that’s what makes me cry the most- knowing how much time and effort they put for the last four years (and lifetime before that) for such a short moment!
      I can’t imagine how emotional I’d be if I were pregnant. Hang in there!

  6. Oh man, I wish I could watch the Olympics! I don’t get NBC! 😦 I’m so sad about it! Yesterday I was able to watch a full event for the first time, because it was on while I heated up my lunch in the breakroom (Men’s canoe sprint). I was so excited to see a full event, but also so sad to think about how much I’d missed! Hopefully by 2014 I’ll have some way to watch the Olympics!

  7. We know Simon and his family! He’s good friend and training bud of my husbands. We were so crushed as well. That guy is amazing, even at his age!

    • You guys know a lot of amazing people! I was seriously in shock when it happened; I can’t imagine what he, his family, and his friends felt like. I’d love to see him move into 70.3s!

  8. I love the Olympics, too. The stories can be so uplifting and then so heartbreaking within a split second, but I guess that is life! I love the images you’ve shared.

  9. Wow you are a dedicated fan!!! I missed both marathons due to DVR malfunctions but was able to catch the triathlons and much of swimming and gymnastics as well as some track and field. I wish I had more time to watch but like has been hectic lately!

    I cried when the US won gold in women’s gymnastics. So awesome!!!

  10. I’m definitely a superfan!!! I have been obsessed with the Olympics and even watched shooting on DVR after the closing ceremonies were over. The triathlons were amazing! And that picutre after the marathon is my absolute favorite…I was choking up for sure.

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