Decisions, a Gran Fondo, and nerves

I haven’t written in a while and a lot has happened! Here’s a quick update:

  1. Kelly (my husband) is no longer doing the Ironman. He was having too many issues swimming and wanted to make a decision without stressing right up until race morning. Although we don’t stay together during the race, I’m sad knowing my buddy won’t be out there suffering with me. On the bright side, I’ll have an extra spectator, and one who knows exactly what I’m feeling! And Kelly can now focus on biking, which he loves.

    At 3am before IMAZ in 2010

  2. My shoulder feels a lot better. I’ve still only swum once in three weeks (and it was an easy swim and half the distance!) and am now ridiculously nervous about the swim portion. I’m going to try tomorrow morning and push the pace a little bit.
  3. We raced the Gran Fondo Rockies this past weekend. Kelly biked the competitive 170km and came in fourth overall!!!

    I am so proud of him. I rode the 100km and had an awesome hilly, windy training ride. It was a really fun event, with a live band and tasty food at the finish.
  4. With less than two weeks to go, I’m getting super nervous for the big race (more on this another day).

    I also have a lot to start sorting gear out. You need a lot of stuff for an Ironman, so I’ve started making tons of lists!
  5. Can you believe it’s already the middle of August?!

What’s new in your world?


30 responses to “Decisions, a Gran Fondo, and nerves

  1. Less than 2 weeks! Don’t worry about the lack in swimming, rest to get stronger….it works. Sorry Kelly had to drop out. I am sure it was a tough call.

  2. Your Ironman is the day before my birthday – I’ll send good birthday vibes to be turned into good race vibes! haha If thats possible. Always a tough decision, I imagine, whether to continue with training and the race or not – but it is good you’ll have another fan out there cheering for you!

  3. That’s too bad your hubby won’t be suffering there with you! But you’re right, it’ll be great to have him out there for you, knowing just what you’re going through. Enjoy the anticipation over the next 2 wks!!

  4. Sorry to hear your hubs won’t be doing the Ironman with you, but congrats to him on his bike race. Wow, that’s impressive! Glad your shoulder is feeling better.

  5. runnerbydefault

    Good luck on your Ironman. That distance amazes me. I did a sprint tri a few years ago and the swim about killed me and I trained HARD for it! I can’t imagine doing a longer swim like an Ironman. You go girl!! 🙂

  6. I hope you have a great race and I look forward to your report. Enjoy the taper-time! Elizabeth

  7. I’m sorry you won’t have your man out there with you, but he will be a fantastic supporter for you, I’m sure! The bike race/ride sounded really cool–I’ll bet it was beautiful. And Kelly must be a stud to place that high!

    Two weeks–wow!

  8. You are going to do so well at the ironman, can’t believe that it is so soon, but you are going to do so freakin’ well!

    Bummer about Kelly not being able to join you, but hopefully he’ll be able to come out and support you on the course in a bunch of different spots. I remember getting so much extra energy when I saw my parents multiple times during my marathon in december 2011, I think it made a difference.

  9. Only 11 more days to go this is really incredible! I`m crossing my fingers for you but I am absolutely sure that you will do great at the Ironman.
    It sucks that Kelly can not participate but I`m sure that he will be the most awesome spectator ever. Spectators are great, those who know you well even more and those who really know what is going on within you are the best, if you need the support he will still be a great help.

    I`m already excited to read about the Ironman!

  10. just think, now he can be your sherpa!

  11. I’m cheering for you in MO!! You’ll do great!!

  12. glad to hear that your shoulder is feeling better 😀
    I can’t get over how fast this year is going by…it needs to slow down!

  13. That’s an impressive finish. Glad that the shoulder is feeling better and on the mend!

  14. Oh man, I hope your husband is ok, but at least you know you’ll have his support the entire way!

  15. How exciting! I have so much admiration for people able to do the ironman distance.

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