One more time – summer hikes

I lied when I said we went on our last camping trip of the year. We went back to Jasper last weekend since the forecast was amazing for September and we really wanted to finish the hike we’ve started twice before.

We drove up Friday after work and read around the fire until the night got too cold. Saturday we woke up with one goal: climb Sulphur Skyline. It’s not a long hike, and although there is quite a bit of elevation gain it’s not too difficult. We started off in lots of layers and hoped for no bear sightings or encounters.

The entire hike was gorgeous and it was green everywhere we looked. It also got really warm, which was an added bonus!

When we finally made it into the alpine (above the treeline) we were met with beautiful views.

After a couple quick photos, we climbed the last bit to the top. There were already a few people coming down, and Harold got many compliments on his hiking skills!

The views were more than worth the hike.

On our way back into town we stopped at Jasper Lake, which is right off the highway. The water is incredibly shallow, and on warm days you can see people walking across. The freezing water felt great on my feet!

We then walked through town to check out some stores and pick up a few groceries for camp. When we got back, Harold slept hard!

After dinner, with the weather still unseasonably hot, we went for another hike along the river.

Now that was an incredible weekend to truly cap off the summer!

With all our camping gear packed away for the season, I’m already looking forward to next summer’s mountain adventures. Hopefully we’ll have time to go on more hikes and take out the kayak. Until then, we’ll try to make it out a few times in winter for ski weekends.

Has Fall and chilly temperatures settled in where you live? 

22 responses to “One more time – summer hikes

  1. glad to hear you got one more hike it – the mountains look BEAUTIFUL

  2. Yay! I love hiking and camping! Harold looks so cute looking over the hills!

  3. Love, love, love that picture of Harold looking out to such a gorgeous view! Your post felt like it could’ve been mine – with the bear mentions 🙂

    What a great way to bid farewell to summer.

  4. still not really fall here, but i think i will live vicariously through you, k? love the mountains!

  5. Gorgeous!!!

    No Fall for us – we experienced all time highs this weekend. It was in the 100s in coastal San Diego which is unheard of!! Summer is having one last hurrah!

  6. Amazing scenery, really. I can’t even imagine having that within driving distance of my house. We have a lot of corn here…and more corn…an occasional flat forest…LOL Glad you were able to squeeze in one last hike! We are starting to feel cooler temps but not “real” fall yet. 70’s during the day, 50’s at night, which is about perfection!

  7. Your right, the last camping days are upon us. Can we please be travel buddies?! I love camping and Jasper looks absolutely stunning.

    I’m ready for fall though:)

  8. So beautiful! You are lucky to have it so close by. Love that Harold came along for the ride–dogs are such great hiking companions. Sad to think that the weather won’t support much more camping this year!

  9. Yay for one more camping trip! I hope to get one more in with the family as well. Those pictures are gorgeous. Things have started cooling off here in the mornings. This morning was the first time I needed a long sleeve shirt to run in. Loved it!

  10. Wow what beautiful scenery. I’m from Ontario but have been out west once before during the summer. Can’t beat the mountains there!! I recently found your blog and am enjoying reading it!

  11. What a great hiking spot. Your pictures are fantastic!!!
    The chilly weahter is coming our way and I LOVE it! My mom and I are heading up to door county in a few weeks to do some hiking. Can’t wait!

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