It’s race time!

We’re leaving for the Mile-High City, Denver, for a jam-packed sports weekend!

Kelly’s favourite NFL team is the Denver Broncos, and we wanted to watch them on a weekend we could still catch a couple of Rockies baseball games. This was the only weekend, and it turns out the RnR Denver is also in town!

I had my eye on the race for a while, but we wanted to see how our bodies felt post-Ironman. Last weekend we ran just under 10 miles and felt ok, so we signed up for the half marathon.

I haven’t been running too much so am not in any shape to run hard. I don’t plan on the racing the race, and Kelly said he’ll stick with me instead of running ahead. (I love running races together!) And, I haven’t ran a half marathon since April of 2010, so it’ll be good to run another.

After taking a 19-month hiatus from racing between the Disney Marathon and before IM Canada, it feels great to get another one under my belt so soon!

Also, I adore Denver. I haven’t been there since ’09 when we watched the Thanksgiving Broncos vs. Giants.

Flashback: my first trip was in ’07. Despite getting really sick, I had a blast!

I can’t wait to catch a few games and enjoy touring the city on foot early Saturday morning.

What are your weekend plans? Are you a football or baseball fan?


20 responses to “It’s race time!

  1. Sounds like a fun weekend ahead of you, good luck on the race! This weekend I am visiting Germany for Oktoberfest! Munich is actually only about 8 hours (driving) from my university in The Netherlands. I’m so excited! 😀

  2. Fun! Have a great half 🙂

  3. Enjoy the half!

  4. You’ll be running right past my condo!!

    • Oh, there were such beautiful condoes with such charm! Do you live near City Park? It’s was gorgeous!

      • Yep! Our place was a little bit before you hit mile 5. It’s an awesome location to catch all the big marathon and bike events that Denver hosts! They always go down our street. I hope you liked how nicely paved 17th street was — I think it was pushed up the priority list for the recent Pro-Challenge bike race that was in town! 🙂 Next visit we’ll have to have a blogger meet-up! Glad to hear you had loads of fun minus disappointing sports results!

  5. LOVE Denver – and it’s sports teams.

    Sounds like an amazeballs weekend – super jealous. And I am SO proud of you for doing the half, go crush it! That’s awesome:)

  6. Sounds like a great weekend – other then the whole Broncos thing (haha). I’m thinking of returning to KC this fall winter for a Chiefs and Kansas Jayhawks basketball game. Weekend trips are always great.

  7. Fun!! I’ve never been to Denver but I’ve heard great things. Enjoy the half!

  8. Enjoy your trip! Denver is such a fun city!
    I’m a huge football fan and hope I make it to a Bear’s game this fall!

  9. I live about 8 hours away from Denver, so we try to get up once a year and do the Broncos/Rockies weekend (neither of those are our teams, but I love the experience regardless!). I would seriously move there in a second. I hope the race went well for you guys!

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