Mile High fun & RnR Denver half marathon recap

We spent an extra long weekend in Denver full of sports and fun. It was an absolute blast, but we came back just exhausted! We went with Kelly’s family and really enjoyed spending time with them since we don’t see his sister and brother-in-law often since they moved to Vancouver.

We originally went to watch the Broncos and Rockies since it was the only weekend they were both at home. (Both teams are my husband’s favourites!) It just so happened that the RnR Denver was on, too, so we ran the half marathon.

We got there late Thursday night and spent hours on our feet on Friday shopping and exploring. We went to the expo and got some fabulous goodies, including tasty bars, a new hoody, and compression socks.

(I’ve never had a pair and don’t know if I believe the hype. But, I’ve wanted to try them for a while and have had trouble finding a popular brand. There was a CEP booth, so I got a nice, bright green pair. I ended up wearing them around the hotel room the next few nights to help with my exhausted and swollen ankles and feet!)

On Friday night we went to Coors Field to watch the Rockies vs. Diamondbacks game where we pigged out! I ate a huge veggie dog, a crazy pretzel/doughnut cinnamon and sugar delight, ice cream, and roasted almonds. (Probably not the best pre-race food!)

Although the Rockies lost, we had so much fun at the game! (I’ve only been to one MLB game before, way back in 2002 when the Yankees were at Fenway to play the Red Sox!)

We got back to the hotel late, I donned my compression socks to relieve my cankles, and then slept.

Race day arrived pretty quickly! Since it was just under four weeks since the Ironman and we hadn’t done much running, I just wanted to run it for fun. (I rarely race and am trying to make myself do it more often!)

We got to the start with about 30 minutes to go. RnR marathons are such fine-tuned events and I think they really encourage participation. This one had a bike race, a half marathon and half marathon relay, and a full marathon. (Fun fact- our first marathon was the Rock n Roll Arizona back in 2004, its inaugural year.) I also love the live music along the course!

We started in corral one and had a ton of fun in the beginning miles, running past both the ballpark and the hockey/basketball arena. After leaving the downtown area, we ran by the beautiful City Park and all these amazing character condos and homes.

Kelly stayed with me the entire time even though I was pretty tired and he could’ve motored ahead. With about 500m to go, this guy started to pass us. Kelly, being competitive and having lots of energy left, went with him. I ended up being three seconds behind so had a perfect view of the guy body checking Kelly just before the finish line! I’ve never seen anything like it and was laughing so hard! Who the heck does that in a race, especially when it’s not like they were placing?!

It was pretty amusing, and the finish line photos are hilarious! Kelly looks like he’s mid-fall and I’m laughing with my hands raised asking what happened.

I was really happy with my time (1:37:48) since I hadn’t trained much over the last month. I’m not sure if the altitude affected me, but I’d like to blame how I felt on that!

We didn’t hang around to listen to the bands, as we were both getting cold. After cleaning up and eating breakfast, we hit the town again and were on our feet until the second baseball game at 6pm.

This game was exciting, but the Rockies ended up losing in a close battle. They brought in the injured Carlos Gonzalez (Cargo) to hit at the very end, which was fun to see even though he struck out.

We slept hard on Saturday night! Sunday was another awesome, but long, day. We got to Sports Authority Field early to scope out all the crazy tailgaters and decked out vehicles and watch some players walk in.

Although the Broncos lost to the Texans, we had a blast cheering like crazy!

After a weekend with little sleep, a half marathon, tons of walking, and lots of sports excitement, I was exhausted when we got back home on Monday.

I love sports weekends, and it was fabulous to run a half marathon too!

23 responses to “Mile High fun & RnR Denver half marathon recap

  1. Sounds like the perfect kind of weekend! Congrats on an amazing time. You seem to do it with such ease!

  2. Sounds like a great time! What’s your opinion on compression now? I am not sure how much it helps with recovery, but I love the feel of them…they make my legs feel so safe and secure!

  3. Wow that is an awesome sporting event weekend!

  4. That is totally my kind of weekend. I love all the goodies at the expo and I’m itnerested to hear what you think of your compression socks when running. Congrats on an awesome half marathon time! I’m trying to break 1:50 (and PR) by the end of the year, but it doens’t seem to be going so well : ) Either way, I”m a huge fan of that distance and love that you can do it without all that much prep!

    • I actually didn’t wear them to run, just the night before. I still don’t think they’re worth all the hype, but I’ll see when I wear them during heavy training.
      Hope you get in a half to try and PR!

  5. You and your HM time are killing me!!! 😉 You ran it for fun, you didn’t race and you were feeling tired and still got a time that I would absolutely kill for! If I wasn’t older than you (at least I think I am!), I’d say I wanna be like you when I grow up!!! Well done.

  6. What a fun trip, you fit so much in, I bet you need a vacation from your vacation. Impressive HM time, especially considering you just did an IM a month ago!

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  8. Looks like a great time! I love Denver 🙂

  9. love that skirt! and can i please have your speed? wow, nice time! and not even training. that’s impressive!

  10. You are a machine !! What an incredible half marathon time , especially 4 weeks post Ironman. 🙂

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