A rainy long weekend away & Ironman excitement

One of my closest friends got married this weekend in Victoria, British Columbia. Victoria is a small city on Vancouver Island, right on the ocean, with fabulous old-town charm.

Photo credit: bcadventure.com

It rained almost the entire time I was there, but I didn’t let that rain on my parade! Kelly (the husband) was supposed to come with me but couldn’t last minute due to work. So I had one day to myself to explore.

I covered almost every corner of downtown, shopped the boutique stores, dined on my own, and had a luxurious (yet painful) massage at the beautiful harbour-front hotel.

I got in two runs this weekend, both by the ocean (my fave place to run). I was in heaven since my knee has been hurting and I haven’t ran in a couple weeks. It was so good for my soul!

The next couple days were a whirlwind of fun with all the wedding festivities and time with my sister and girlfriends.

The actual wedding was stunning: it was in a castle, the couple wrote their own heart-felt vows, and the reception room had floor to ceiling windows overlooking the harbour.

The only major downside of the wedding was that it fell on the same day as the Ironman World Championships.

I took my iPad to breakfast to watch the live updates. Between the ceremony and reception I watched the updates and managed to catch Pete Jacobs’ last mile of pure joy! (Did anyone else see him enthusiastically high-five almost every person he passed, both spectator and athlete? I loved it!)

I had to tear myself away just as Mirinda Carfrae was set to pass Leanda Cave. I went to the reception thinking that Carfrae won. When I checked the results a couple hours later, I was floored to see that Cave not only held Carfrae off but also managed to take the lead from Steffen!

I was secretly hoping for Linsey Corbin to win but was ecstatic to see Cave take the gold. I can’t wait to watch the coverage in a couple weeks time!

What’s your favourite part of a wedding?
Did you watch the championships? Who were you cheering for?


9 responses to “A rainy long weekend away & Ironman excitement

  1. I tried to watch IM on Hulu, but it wasn’t available. I’ve never watched it before! It sounds so exciting!

  2. Of course I watched! The women’s race was incredible and Pete Jacob’s joy brought tears to your eyes. I was happy to see Linsey got 8th–tough day out there.

    My favorite part of a wedding is dancing to a really great band!

  3. Gahh I love weddings. They make me swoon!! I love when they are exchanging vows and then the kiss! OH and of course…CAKE!

  4. runnerbydefault

    Sounds like a great place to visit. I will have to add it to my list of “must-see’s”!!

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