It’s on!

Last week Ironman announced Whistler as the new venue for Ironman Canada. Out of the three final locations—Whistler, BC; Kelowna, BC; and Huntsville, Ont.— Whistler was a dynamite choice!

Whistler is an outdoor mecca and was host to many events at the 2010 Winter Olympics. It’s a small village that will, in my opinion, be an awesome host town!

The race is scheduled for Sunday, Aug. 25, which is the same date at Challenge Penticton.

The 2.4 mile/3.8 km swim is two loops in Alta Lake. The 112 mile/180 km bike is one loop that apparently is comparable in difficulty to the old Ironman Canada bike course. The run course is two loops, which I love for the extra boost you get running by spectators.

As soon as I read about the race I looked up hotels. We ended up booking an awesome room for a decent price. I looked a couple days later and the prices went up already. (If you’re planning on doing an Ironman, book a hotel as soon as you find out you’re doing it!)

Thankfully we got pre-registration since we competed in Ironman Canada this summer. General registration opens on Thursday, and I have a feeling it will sell out fast!

They’re offering 100 spots to Kona and a $75,000 pro purse. Hopefully it’ll draw some exciting pros, too!

We’ve only completed two Ironman races—Arizona in 2010 and Canada in 2012—and I had very different recoveries for both. We’re now signed up for Coeur D’Alene at the end of June and Canada at the end of August.

I’m going to have to be really smart about training and recovery. Here’s to a healthy year! (I’m going to be knocking on wood a lot!)

Are you signed up for an races? Or do you have any on your list for next year?

41 responses to “It’s on!

  1. You my dear, are super human.

    I want to go cheer you on…and maybe see Whistler:)

  2. You’re a rock star! I signed up for Eagleman 70.3 in June. My travel pal Fran and I decided that we’d better get in an Ironman brand if in case by luck we get in the lottery. (fingers crossed!) Also–Eagleman is supposed to be a stellar race with a great pro field. (And it’s only 5-7 hours drive away!)

  3. Way to go, Abby! I’m so excited for you!

  4. You honestly make me want to sign up for an Ironman, so motivating! Ahh, I’m already excited to read all about your training!! And Whistler is the BEST location! My friend is trying to get me to sign up for a half ironman.. but I am still too intimidated – one day maybe, after I get a few more half/full marathons under my belt!

  5. You’re a rockstar. And Whistler? So jealous. Totally inspiring. Makes my early sign-up for a February half marathon look kind of measly… 😉 Way to go and here’s to a happy, healthy and injury-free year!!!

  6. Wow–that should be beautiful! You have two great ones lined up for next year. And being experienced now, you’ll manage the task of both quite well, I’m sure.

  7. Fingers crossed for you! That`s a pretty short time-span between two such big races (in my head) but I`m sure you will do awesome in both!
    I`d like to run a half (technically I have already, just not in an official race setting) and maybe-maybe-maybe a Marathon in Fall? Depending on how the Half goes.

  8. That race in Canada sounds like it will be beautiful. My husband signed up for his first Ironman in Coeur d’Alene so I will be there to cheer you on too. I wish I could do the race as well, an Ironman is on my bucket list, but with two kids we can only swing one Ironman training at a time. So I’ll stick to my marathons for now!

    • That’s great about your husband!! Yeah, I imagine even one person Ironman training will be tough with two kids. Hopefully you can do one next time.
      Hopefully I get a chance to meet you in Coeur d’Alene!

  9. I set a goal to run once race a month, and so far I have only missed one. My big one for the year was the half marathon I ran last month. I hope to get in a few more longer distance races to round out the year!! Awesome sign up for you!! This will be a blast!

  10. I am just in awe that you do Ironmans. I can’t even fathom it!

  11. Wow! Those are two great races! You have a big year ahead…any Kona qualifying aspirations? 🙂

    As for me, I really want to qualify for Boston so at this point my schedule is 100% clear so I can sign up for as many marathons as needed to get there. the only race I’m signed up for/planned at this point is Surf City Marathon in February.

    • Ha- no Kona aspirations. Well, at least not to participate in it! I’d love to go and watch one year though.
      I know you’ll get your BQ. And Surf City seems like a memorable race to get it!

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  13. Whistler? I may have to plot my first Ironman attempt to be there! I guess I’d have to learn to swim first, but an Ironman is on my list. I don’t think I could handle two of those in one season though, like you’re planning next year. Right now, I’m looking forward to the Rocky Raccoon 100mile ultra.

  14. I am all signed up for a Thanksgiving half marathon. PR here I come! Still trying to figure out exactly how I can squeeze a half IM into next year. I did sign up for my favorite Memorial Day race for 2013 already…so excited!

  15. i love whistler! it’s gorgeous. My father in law has done CANADA twice. i think the husband needs to do it next. Whatcha think?

    • Cool- I didn’t know your father-in-law does Ironman races, too! That’s awesome!
      Yes, I’m thinking your hubby should definitely do Whistler. New course, large pro purse, beautiful location. And, we could take you guys on a Rocky Mountain tour after the race!

  16. DAMN GIRL! You are on an Ironman tear! Go get em and good luck!

  17. ohhhhh yea! way to go whistler! i am excited! and excited for YOU!

  18. runnerbydefault

    Sounds like an exciting race for you!! My next race is the Little Rock half marathon in March. It is no ironman but half marathons are always a challenge for me. The best part is that the medal is HUGE!!

  19. love whistler! well, for skiing and snowboarding. im just plain impressed with anyone who does an ironman. or half.

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