Something’s missing

I haven’t written about running lately because I haven’t been running much at all lately.

I ran once after the Denver RnR half, took some time off, ran twice in Victoria (running by the ocean is irresistible to me!), and tried one more run at home before caving in and seeing my physiotherapist.

That’s a total of four runs in five weeks. I thought it was an old issue creeping up again, so I did all my physio moves for a few weeks to no avail.

I went to the physio on Friday and he thinks he knows what the issue is (fingers crossed). I’m working on it and have to try running again before my next appointment. I’m hoping it goes well!

I’ve been biking on the trainer but even that has bugged my knee a little this week.

We went to a wedding on Saturday and my knee was throbbing and swollen after some dancing. So I took one day totally off and then biked easy the next day.

On one hand I know I’m really lucky that this is downtime for me and I should be taking time off.

On the other hand, I simply love to run and miss it! I miss running in fall with crisp temperatures and leaves crunching. I miss running with my husband. I miss chasing my dog. I miss running to clear my head after a busy day at work.

Read Lindsay’s fabulous Thou Shalt’s post over at Cotter Crunch. (While you’re there, check out her Healthy Bites!)

At the bottom of her post there are 10 Commandments for  the Runner, and they came at the perfect time for me.

5. Honor thy muscles and thy “aches and pains” and do not push through an injury. Runners are not invincible.

I’m hoping I get this figured out. And then I hope I can hold back and stay smart training, slowly building a base to work off of for IMCdA.

Anyone else suffering running withdrawals? What’s your favourite cross-training activity?

I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I’m looking forward to snow so I can cross-country ski and snowshoe to cross-train!

45 responses to “Something’s missing

  1. Yikes, sorry to hear your knee is acting up again. But like you say, better now than a month before your next IM. Hope you nip the injury in the butt this time!
    You know, I’ve never done x-country skiing? Would love to try it though. My next mission is to get back on skis (been on my board for the past 18 years, argh, did I really just write that???) and last time I tried skiing again it was beyond bad. In terms of fitness though I really want to re-learn it cause I think you get way more out of it than boarding (and it’s so much more skilled…)!

    • You guys should definitely try xc skiing this year! It’s super fun!
      My husband actually just switched back to downhill skiing last year after years of boarding, too. He was surprised at how easy it was to switch back.

  2. you will figure it out for now, rest and tend to those muscles! ❤

  3. So sorry you are dealing with this. It IS good timing, so at least there is that. Fingers crossed you and the physio get it figured out ASAP.

    What a cute couple you are all dressed up!

    • Thank you!
      Injuries are so frustrating, especially when you’re next exactly sure why they are coming back. My husband switched to more bare running shoes at our physio’s encouraging. He’s looking into natural running a lot more. I might do the same if this keeps up. I know you’re a big proponent of it.

  4. I am 100% going through running withdrawls. It’s been 2 and a half weeks and I’m seeing a physical therapist today. Hope they figure out what’s going on with you and get you healed up quickly! I also cant wait to cross country ski!! I start itching to ski in August every year, it is my absolute favorite 🙂

    • I really hope your physio figured it out!
      I think I like xc skiing so much because it’s so low impact. I can’t believe you start to itch in August! How long do you have to wait for snow?

  5. Hope you feel better soon! I too have not been running for a few weeks due to some ankle pain–online it looks like what they call ‘footballers ankle’ because it’s in the front and not the side and it started to become painful after my final race. I totally miss running and have been doing the bike trainer but it’s not the same. Thank goodness it’s the off-season–feel better soon!

    • Oh no. I’m sorry to hear that! How do you think you got footballers ankle? Keep up your trainer work, and look at it as a blessing in disguise. (That’s what I’m trying to do!)

      • Thanks–you too! I just went to the doc who confirmed it’s a spained lateral ankle–probably just tweaked it on uneven surface who knows. (footballers ankle sounds more fun, huh?) A little PT and I should be back in action in 2-3 weeks. And yes–good thing for the off-season so I’m just trying to roll with it and do other things. 🙂

  6. I’m so jealous of all your snow! I’ve only ever been downhill skiing, but I think I would really enjoy cross-country.

  7. Oh could you have picked a better time to talk about downtime from running?! My doc just advised me to knock off the running, and it’s awful. It’s 2 days and I honestly feel “off.”

    The only thing I try to focus on is not being selfish and understanding that you have to accept and embrace the new challenge.

    For you – I mean you can do 100 other awesome things. But certainly understand that not running leaves a hole.

  8. Have you ever seen a chiropractor that does a couple of very specific techniques: ART (active release techniques) and Graston? I found that both of those, along with kinesiotaping, have really helped my knee issues. I haven’t had success with physio treatments for knee problems. Also I do swear by my physio doing IMS for lots of other niggles that pop up!

    • I haven’t tried a chiro, ART, or Graston ever! I’ve heard great things about ART and Graston. I should probably give it a whirl, especially if these issues keep popping up.
      How is your training going?! I hope you’re staying injury free.

  9. I loved that last picture of the 10 runners commandments on Linsday’s blog! As hard as it is, it’s so essential to honor thy muscles!! I hope you are feeling better soon! My favorite cross training is cycling.

  10. It would be so hard to keep from running! I definitely can see why you are antsy to get back into it! I really like cardio kickboxing classes for cross training as well as yoga!

  11. I’m so sorry to hear that. I am just now getting back into running after lots and lots and lots of time off. Injuries stink! Happy healing my friend!

  12. Eek! Hope you feel better soon!

  13. One of the biggest problems I see in injured athletes is their refusal to allow themselves time to heal. Oftentimes their mental toughness urges them to push when pushing is going to severely delay their healing time. Listening to your body is a wise decision. It’s okay to “work through” muscle soreness, but pain is a different matter. I wish you a speedy recovery 🙂

  14. My whole ITBS has made me realize how much I love running. I was having serious withdrawl the first couple of days when I couldn’t really get past 2 miles…

  15. runnerbydefault

    Sorry to hear about your knee! My favorite non-running activity is swimming. I just wish that I owned my own lap pool. Good luck with your recovery.

  16. Injuries stink! But they do make you appreciate the run when you get it back! 🙂

  17. I would love to try some snow shoeing or cross country skiing this winter! My favorite cross training is spin class, but I haven’t found an instructor since I moved. Bummer! Good luck with the knee. I hope that it all works itself out. Luckily you have a good PT! I am working in the peds world now, but my advice would be lots of ice!

  18. I know exactly what you mean about missing running, especially during this beautiful time of year! Hope you are all healed up and running pain-free in no time!

  19. Ugh, no fun to be injured! I used to go through a lot of withdrawl if I had to stop whatever was my “favorite exercise of the moment,” but now I find that I can quickly find something else that I love almost as much. Hope you get healed asap!

  20. You really do have to listen your body- I love that commandment! Been missing reading your blogs, so great to catch up today. All the best and wishing you a speedy recovery back to running 🙂

  21. ah I hope you feel better really soon!
    Injuries are awful. I did not listen to that HIGHLY important commandment for runners and kept running while injured – ended up being out of action for the better part of 5 months.

    so, rest up and take care!! 🙂

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