Halloween & first ski

My husband loves Halloween, and decorating for Halloween.

This is a small sampling of the decor he put out!

Harold the shark isn’t impressed!

He decorated our yard, complete with scary music, and then we waited…

That’s -8 and -15 with the windchill!

I don’t remember a Halloween this cold in years. We had a few brave ones going door-to-door, but not nearly the amount I bought candy for!

We have a ton of chocolate, which is nothing but trouble for me since Kelly doesn’t eat it! I think I’ll be taking a load to work. (And then trying to stay away from it there!)

We woke up to some snow yesterday morning, and then it snowed for the majority of the day. I was kind of grumpy about it until Kelly called me and said we could probably try xc skiing.

So after work we dressed up and gave it a go. It wasn’t great since there isn’t really snowpack yet, but it was so fun to get out! We were the total Canadian stereotype and actually skied home from the fields all the way to our door.

I hope there’s lots of snow this year, as we can’t wait to ski all winter long! It’s awesome exercise and is great on the joints.

What do you do with your leftover candy/chocolate? What activity are you most looking forward to this winter?

26 responses to “Halloween & first ski

  1. I can’t believe it is so cold already! Love the pics of the shark dog. I usually eat my left over candy but this year I can’t since I’m doing no candy november! I can’t wait to cc ski!

  2. I can’t believe all the snow you have already and how cold it is!
    I have actually never skied – so wrong of me as a Canadian! haha that looks fun

    I’m loving the shark outfit 😀

  3. Awesome! I can’t wait to hit the slopes this year, though for us it’ll be more like a pre-xmas trip to the French Alps rather than a daily, post-work occurrence. Right now, I envy your life! 😉

  4. SO jealous you are already skiing!! How fun:)

    Harold the Shark might be the cutest thing ever.

    Love how festive y’all are!

  5. There is no leftover chocolate with John in the house! You are really making me want to try cross country skiing!

  6. Awww, Harold’s adorable. I wouldn’t have thought of this just by looking at him, but after seeing him with his costume, he reminds me of a cute little Max (from cartoon The Grinch). Just give him an antler at Christmas time. 😀

  7. that is some impressive pumpkin carving! and cute shark dog! 🙂 my husband and i are hoping to do some cross country skiing up at rocky mtn national park this winter! we thought about it last winter and didn’t get up there, so it’s at the top of my list this year!

  8. Love seeing Harold’s expression, great photo… You both are crazy or true Canadians (or are they the same) as it looks like you enjoyed the cold, snow, and xc skiing. Definitely not ready for any of it here in Iowa just yet.

  9. I don’t think that chocolate would last very long in our house!

    How amazing to be able to ski to your door! I haven’t tried cross-country skiing before, but love downhill skiing and wish I could do it more often.

    Summer is on our horizon so I’m looking forward to a summer of running – and my next trail race along a hilly coastline!

  10. You could ski home?! That’s so neat! Your decorations are really cute and, of course, Harold’s shark costume is adorable!

  11. I always try to bring leftover sweets to work or somewhere I think it will be eaten. I don’t like keeping it at home otherwise I will definitely destroy it!

  12. awww, harold is adorable!! okay, i have gone skiing a whopping once in my life and snowboarding once as well. the thing is i STINK and i get scared whenever i go about faster than 5mph and i don’t know how to stop. alas, alas, i guess i’m only a runner. 😛

  13. Your shark is adorable!! I am more of a candy (twizzlers,etc.) kind of girl but don’t get me wrong, I could put the hurt on the chocolate if I didn’t have another choice! 🙂

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