Cross training crazy

I’ve been trying a new thing— staying positive while injured! Last year I was sad more days than not. It wasn’t fun for anyone! (In my defense, I couldn’t do much of anything except for swim using only my arms!)

This time around I’ve been trying to switch it up and burn calories, sweat, and get that endorphin rush I love so much. (All without aggrevating my knee.)

Shovelling snow – approximately 300 calories

After one spectacularly heavy snowfall, I shoveled for 45 minutes. I was out of breath and had to stop twice for a quick break. My chest muscles were also sore for the next couple days.

Cross-country skiing – approximately 375 calories

We went to new to us groomed trails the other evening. The trails were incredible and we had a ton of fun! I can’t wait to get out there again.

Lap swimming – approximately 425 calories

We started up our gym memberships again. The last time I swam was Ironman Canada. I swam 3km on Sunday morning and then 2km before work on Monday. My arms were feeling it Monday morning!

Cycling on the trainer

This always gets a sweat going for me! I’ve been trying to test my knee and ride a bit harder lately. {Knock on wood} it’s been going ok.

Strength training and LOTS of physio exercises

I’ve been  regularly strength training for the past few months, about three times a week on average. I’m really enjoying it and would love to maintain the routine. I’ve also been diligently working on all my physio exercises.

Walking the dog

We always walk Harold, but I’m counting it as cross-training! It’s a nice way to get that fresh air I’ve been missing out on.

Practicing yoga

I’m still new to yoga, but I really enjoy it every time I practice. Some days I attend an hour-long class, but most days I do what I can out of one of our Sage Rountree books.

Visit this website for a calorie calculator for almost any exercise you can think of, including playing an instrument and house work!

What kind of cross-training have you been doing lately?

Do you have a go-to workout? Mine is for sure cycling.

39 responses to “Cross training crazy

  1. It takes so much and is so hard to keep your spirits up while injured.
    I am definitely going to start shoveling snow this year! I do agree that’s a heck of a workout. My go-to would be the bike as well 🙂

  2. These are great ideas! It can be very difficult to stay positive…thanks for sharing your cross training tips 🙂 Your doggy looks super cute all bundled up.

  3. You’re doing great! As much as I hate snow, I do love cross-country skiing. It’s great that you can take advantage of it. I also love yoga, but have fallen off the bandwagon. Need to change that. I think you’ll come out of this really strong!

  4. Brilliant ideas to stay active. Sometimes it just helps reminding yourself that what you’re doing is a workout to enjoy it a bit more! 🙂

  5. I cant believe you guys have so much snow! Its shocking! It was 18 degrees in ottawa the other day.. nuts! I think those are some awesome ways to get in some activity and the best part, a lot of them don’t really feel like a workout!! 🙂

  6. LOL! I love snow! …hate the cold, but love snow. I can’t wait. I’m so glad to know that I’m not the only one that uses shoveling snow as a workout 😉

    harold is such a cutie! I really want a trainer for my bike. However, then I found this old stationary bike on the side of the road and FREE things are my best friend 😉

  7. These workouts are great!! We often forget that things like shoveling snow or tending to the yard are legit workouts!! Plus you have skiing and all those others, man oh man you are doing awesome. I need some of these things to do, I have been cycling like a mad man and not much of anything else haha!

  8. With that much of snow, shoveling snow is definatly a workout! We don’t get a lot of snow, but I always find it hard to shovel snow.
    Is that a climbing wall in your house? Jealous!

  9. My go to workout is the treadmill. Whenever I don’t know quite what to do, I just jump on there for a quick calorie burn. I don’t know what I would do if I was injured! P.S. love your little turtle tattoo!

  10. Great ideas! I like seeing the calorie counters. My go-to workout is either the treadmill or swimming…..I can zone out, which I like

  11. Yay! I’m all about working to stay positive while injured. Let’s work WITH our bodies rather than fight against them. You are champion of positive thinking if you can stay positive about shoveling snow! Blech.

    • You are super positive about being injured- I’m always impressed when I read your blog!
      And so true- work with our bodies rather than against them. That might be one of my new mantras!

  12. Not being able to run everyday is killing me. I am also in survival mode these days. You have some great ideas to stay active and positive. I do find it insane that you have so much snow. Here am I complaining with the weather in the 40s.

    Just stay positive. Always look for blessings in what you still can do.

  13. Love the positive attitude!! Your activities are AWESOME! Snow shoveling is a massive workout. I can’t stand swimming but sometimes it’s all you can do. I like that you are remember to move your body in some way.

  14. Strength training and the plank challenge. I wish I had cross country skiing as an option, but I will pass on shoveling any day : ) And I really should be swimming. I hope that all of your PT exercises are going well! Stay positive!

  15. Great cross-training ideas! I can’t believe all that snow. Already! Crazy!! I am horrid about cross training, just horrid. It’s on my 2013 resolution list I think.

  16. cross country skiing is tough! that will keep you in shape no prob! and yoga! love the tattoo.

  17. I love all your cross training in the snow. Great way to burn some calories in creative ways. Hoping your knee is getting better.

  18. I can’t get over the amount of snow that you have already gotten. It seems like you make the best of it though with all of your outside activities. I would love to try cross-country skiing sometime.

  19. Great pictures! Your dog s adorable 🙂 I love yoga as’s so mentally relaxing and you get a great workout! Two in one:):)

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