The procrastinator’s holiday gift guide

I’m a procrastinator. I usually finish shopping on Christmas Eve and desperately try to finish wrapping gifts then, too.

This year, thanks to an awesome hubby who shopped for everyone we buy gifts for, I’m done! I finished up Kelly’s shopping on the weekend and now just have to wait for a few online purchases to be delivered.

For any other procrastinators out there, here are a few gift ideas from budget friendly to extravagant.

For the vegan





  • Adopt a farm animal from Farm Sanctuary. For Kelly’s birthday, I adopted a goat for him. He absolutely loved the gift of Miss. Hattie! The coolest part is you can visit one of their three shelters and even visit your adopted animal.


For the outdoorsman/woman


  • Dehydrated food for their long trek, or make them granola or energy bars
  • Maps of your favourite trails or trips
  • Sunscreen and mosquito repellant


  • A headlamp and case
  • Trekking poles
  • Gorillapod tripod

100_1332 High-end

  • A SPOT Satellite GPS messenger. Kelly got one of these before going on a back-country avalanche training course. Phones didn’t work and the internet was down the entire week he was gone. Thankfully, he sent me a SPOT message everyday so I knew he was safe. It also would have allowed him to contact emergency services if required.
  • Winter sports gear, like snowshoes, cross-country skis, downhill skis, or a snowboard.

Photo taken from

For the runner, cyclist, or triathlete


  • Offer to go running, biking, or swimming with them.
  • Watch their kids so they can train without feeling guilty.
  • Cook a couple freezer meals they can quickly heat up during peak training.
  • Volunteer at a local race, or one they are participating in.
  • If you know how, offer free bike maintenance. If you don’t know how, find a free maintenance class offered at a bike shop and take it with them.

Mid-range – Gear of any kind! Look at their active clothes to find their fave brand and size.

Mid-range Runner

Mid-range Cyclist

Mid-range Triathlete


  • A GPS watch. I got the Garmin 910xt last year and it’s incredible.
  • A bicycle trainer
  • Registration to a race (bonus points if it’s a destination race).
  • A treadmill
  • An annual gym membership

For the traveller


  • Offer to watch their house, water their plants, mow their lawn, or shovel their snow while they’re away. (No complaining about how much it snowed!)
  • Drive them to and from the airport.


  • Get them a cute luggage tag made from a map of their favourite travels.
  • Buy a durable phone case, iPad cover, or laptop case.
  • Donate to a charity at their favourite destination.


  • Research the best activities at their destination and buy a tour package or admission to an event.
  • Sponsor a child in their name from their favourite country.

We were in Florida for my birthday a few years ago and went on the Beluga Interaction!

Have you finished your holiday shopping? What’s on your wish list?

20 responses to “The procrastinator’s holiday gift guide

  1. WOW! This must have taken you forever to create. What awesome ideas, and things I could certainly get a ton of my friends and fam. Etsy has been addicting this season:)

    My brother and sis and law did the Beluga attraction earlier this year, it was a Christmas gift from last year:) How cute!

  2. I love your items for the outdoor people! Those are so spot on. John and I have considered getting spot for our long back country hikes. I’ll have to tell him you guys like it!

    • I’d highly recommend the Spot. I’ve never used it, but it gave me such peace of mind. Kelly’s also done some back-country camping trips that you get to by a long kayak ride. I feel a lot better knowing he has a surefire way to connect to emergency assistance!

  3. This list is great!! I love the idea of giving the gift of yourself basically and doing activities, or eating foods WITH people!!

  4. What great ideas! I love some of your budge items–bike maintenance and house sitting are seriously priceless in my book.

    Jealous you are all done–i’m getting there!

  5. These are great ideas!!! And you reminder me that I want that tri-pod for my digital camera.

  6. Our husbands are awesome! Mine did the same for us, so I’ve got just one of two things to finish up. Great ideas for gifts 🙂

  7. I love the idea of a magazine subscrition…I think that is an awesome gift!
    I was just turning my holiday list into a gift list too. Thanks for even more great ideas!

  8. Great ideas! I love the adopt a farm animal one. My husband would LOVE that!! Now if I could only get him to read this blog (or read anything, for that matter) maybe I could lead him to some running related gifts for me!!

  9. Master procrastinator here!
    I’m LOVING that Spot GPS messenger!

  10. Terrific ideas! I just celebrated my Veganniversary so it’s great to read you ides on veganism, as well as running.

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