You’re a mean one, {Mrs} Grinch

I enjoy the holidays. I like catching up with family I don’t see often. I like going out with friends. I like the feeling of the holidays with that buzz in the air. I think I’m one of the few people that enjoys potlucks. I even love Christmas music.

So what don’t I love? Decorating. For the last four Christmases, my mom or my sister ‘helped’ me decorate my tree, my railing, and the rest of the house. (Meaning they do it and I pretend to help.) Last year I even made a Pinterest-inspired advent calendar with mini envelopes and fun activities.


I think our house is gorgeous when it’s all done up. I just don’t love the doing part. (Don’t get me started on the dismantling of it all!)

So this year I rebelled.

I put up our mini tree that usually goes upstairs. And that’s it. I put a tree skirt around the base of the table it’s on. I dressed our chairs. And I hung our stockings.


My secret- I love it! It’s simple. And the tree has a lot of great memories. Our mini tree is full of ornaments from places we’ve travelled.

This year we added a new Jasper ornament, a new Cannon Beach ornament, and a Lake Tahoe ornament.


We don’t have ornaments from everywhere, as we sometimes forget or can’t find any.  But a few of my favourites include a kangaroo and koala ornament from Australia when we were there in 2004, a Jasper ornament from the weekend we got engaged, and a lifeguard chair from Boston from when I worked as a lifeguard in Pennsylvania in the summer of 2002.

OK- this list could be endless as I love every single ornament on there. When I look at the tree, it reminds me of all the great trips we’ve been on, all the adventures we’ve had, and all the beautiful places we’ve been fortunate enough to see.

Are you a decorator? What’s your favourite ornament?

27 responses to “You’re a mean one, {Mrs} Grinch

  1. I LOVE your simple approach! I too am simple and have a few things I put out each year, it’s still very simple. We bought a fake tree a few years ago and, although going out to cut our own tree was always fun, it’s just easier, cleaner, more convenient (on and on and on).

    Also love how ornaments remind us of travels or other experiences 🙂

    Sounds like a perfect plan for you and Kelly!

  2. My friends house looks like Hallmark heaved all over it:) I am more simplistic, as the hus doesn’t like the house covered in glitter, bows and Santas. There’s a happy medium there:)

    My mom collects ornaments from around the world, when I travel I always get one for her.

    The ones I made as a kid are pretty classic, and since macaroni can stand the test of time, I’m impressed:)

  3. I love simplicity!
    I can so relate to this. I *love* seeing decorations and other people’s creations..but myself, I’m nowhere near creative or a decorator. I’d much rather have someone do it for me!

  4. Decorating is hard and taking it down is no fun. I just love seeing the house decorated though so I put up everything. It’s not much because we live in an apartment. I think whatever makes you happy is the right approach! I love that you collect ornaments when you travel! My favorite is one that says new home from our first Christmas living together. Not that cool of an ornament but sweet memories. Have a great day Abby!

  5. I can totally relate. I love having the decorations up, and I think it’s all so beautiful. But I really don’t like doing it! I always just dedicate a day to getting it done and over with, but it’s not the best part of the holidays!

  6. We put up a tree and our stockings…but I’m a Grinch about decorating the house like a normal person…I mean, like general decorating for all year. We have NOTHING on our walls (pictures, art, etc). I just don’t care that much about it, we rent, and we’re here for 2 years only. So…that’s weird I think!

    I love the idea of getting an ornament when you travel!

  7. Love the idea of a mini tree. Before kids, we didn’t even bother with a tree, so this might have been a good solution. I am so NOT a decorator. Martha Stewart with have a stroke if she walked into my horrible “display” of holiday decorating!

  8. Isn’t it the thought that counts? At least that’s my decorating mantra 🙂

  9. We always buy an ornament every time we travel – that’s a really important tradition for us. I love decorating the tree because it always brings back memories of all sorts of fun trips and places we’ve been. We started labelling years on the back so when we’re old and senile we’ll still be able to know when we got them.

  10. I love the idea of collecting ornaments from places you have been! I am going to start that ASAP!!!

    PS I love potlucks too.

  11. I loveee decorations, but live with my mama so she takes care of all the work!! I do think I would enjoy decorating, but haven’t had to yet!! If you like the small decorating GO with it!! It’s all the same in the end!

  12. I am with you on the decorating this year. I usually put a ton of decorations up but I only did a tree this year this. My whole tree is done in travel ornaments! That is usually the only souvenir I buy when I travel anymore.

  13. I love the covers on your chairs. I’ve never seen those, so cute. It is so much work to set everything up and then I dread the thought of having to take it all back down!

  14. My trees is pure nostalgia with all the glass ball ornaments that we used when I was a kid so there are particular ones that remind me of my parents. I love the way it looks—imperfectly perfect! Happy Christmas!

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