Tell me about your 2012… from Miss Zippy

Miss Zippy is one of my favourite bloggers. She’s knowledgeable, experienced, and an amazing runner.

A couple weeks ago she posted a little questionnaire. She answered questions about her 2012 and invited others to do the same.

Here are my answers to her questions:

Best race experience? Since I only ran a couple races, it isn’t too hard to narrow down! I’m going to have to say Ironman Canada. Just getting to the start line healthy was incredible, and I was so happy to enjoy {nearly} every minute of the day, better my time from my previous Ironman, and do something amazing with my husband!


Best run? I think it would have to be my first long run back from injury. I ran it in Jasper early one morning when we were camping. It was the longest I had run in over a year and my surroundings were spectacular!


Best new piece of gear? I’d definitely say my cyclocross bike!  Although I only got to use it a couple times, it was a blast. I hope to use it a lot for cross-training this spring and summer!


Best piece of running advice you received? To be determined, but I’m hoping it was to try switching my gait to mid-foot landing. I’m just getting started, but I hope it’ll be the first step to less injury.

Most inspirational runner? This isn’t an easy one to answer. I think the most inspirational pro runner is Kilian Jornet. I am in awe of the Spanish ultra runner and ski mountaineer. He has set many records, won big ultra races, and is equally as talented in ski mountaineering. Watching him run is a thing of beauty!


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If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be? Up & down, and grateful. From the lows of battling injury to the highs of training for and finishing Ironman Canada back to some injury lows! (Believe me- I know it could be much worse!) I was so grateful to try some new things, like my first bike ‘races’.

Tell me about your 2012!!

22 responses to “Tell me about your 2012… from Miss Zippy

  1. Yay! Thanks for answering the questions. You certainly have had a year–I’m amazed at how well you performed at IM Canada when you consider the downtime you had over the year. You are a stud! And I LOVE to watch footage of Kilian Jornet. His descending skills just blow me away!

  2. I love this recap of your year. I hope 2013 brings you an injury free year! How awesome to do an ironman with your husband.

  3. I think it’s amazing that you fought through injury and completed an Ironman! Great job!

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  5. Love it! And I’m glad I’ve found your wee blog cause I love that, too. I’m doing a recap of 2012 tomorrow, there must be something in the air! 😉

  6. Just so amazing you’ve done an ironman – and with your husband. What a great thing to do together!

    Looking forward to hearing how the new running technique is going btw!

  7. I was going to write the exact same comment as TR haha. I would love to do one… maybe one day! How long did you train for it? Hours per week?

    • I didn’t train for it for too long, about 4.5 months and started without much of a base due to injury. My biggest week was only 13 hours, which isn’t much for Ironman training. Some people regularly put in 20+ hour weeks.
      During my first Ironman training, I had multiple 15 hour weeks.
      I think it depends on the person, but I think more along the lines of less is more…
      I say YES! to you doing one!!

  8. What a great idea! I love Amanda too!!!!!! and I love your bests. I completely agree on the best run ever being my first long one post injury….it just reminds you that not only can you do it but that it feels amazing too!

  9. What a great idea! I will have to check out that survey.

  10. Reading all your blog posts have me considering doing another triathlon. Maybe an olympic distance this time. I just have to wrap my head around all the training (swimming being the hardest for me) time it will take. Just the fact that I am even considering it again is HUGE!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

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