2013 resolutions

Happy New Year! I had a wonderful last day of 2012 with a trail run (the longest since Denver) and a brilliant evening with the little family. The three of us hit the cross-country trails for a light ski (run for Harold). The bright snow lit our way, we saw a moose again and loads of deer, and there were fireworks in the distance.



I rarely make resolutions. I don’t smoke or drink. I exercise regularly, eat healthy, and am happy with my weight (for the most part)!

I know resolutions are about self-improvement in general rather than just health and/or weight focussed, but I still don’t really like them. I’d rather work on things that need improvement throughout the year rather than set a bunch of expectations Jan. 1.

However, this year I’m going to make a few:

  1. Call my grandmas more often and visit when possible. I feel so fortunate to still have two grandmas. It doesn’t take a lot of time and I know that even a simple phone call means a lot to them.
  2. Don’t stress about missed workouts. I have two big races to train for this year. But I also have some things on my schedule that are going to get in the way. I’m ok with that. But when I get back to training, I have to realize things will come up to prevent me from getting in a workout. I’m going to do my best to not stress about it.
  3. Race for fun. I truly do race for fun. I’ve taken racing hiatus’ before when I get too nervous and don’t enjoy it anymore. With two Ironman events on my schedule, not a lot of training time, and no idea how my body will be with a couple months between the two, I have to remember that I do this for FUN!
  4. Practice yoga more often. I tried to do yoga at least once a week last year. It felt amazing. I’d like to try to practice twice a week at least, no matter if it’s only 15 minute sessions.

Numbers two and three kind of go together, so I guess I have three things to focus on this year (along with many others I consistently try to work on)!

Do you make resolutions? What’s on your list for 2013? 

39 responses to “2013 resolutions

  1. Those are great ones, especially #1. I really really really need to be in better contact with my grandfathers.

  2. I definitely need more yoga in my life!!

  3. runnerbydefault

    I love #1! What a great thing to do more of. I always have to tell myself that I race for fun or else I end up being so nervous the morning of and it is definitely NO FUN then!!

  4. Great resolutions! I hate putting myself through resolutions that are to do something specific x times a week – thats just setting myself up for failure! I had some “big picture” goals and attitude change goals this year! Love your resolution about upping your practice of yoga – I hope to incorporate that into regular life this year, I know it’s so beneficial!

  5. Those are great goals! If racing is not fun anymore, it’s time to take a break. That is the point, after all! Happy 2013!!

  6. I don’t usually do resolutions but I always make personal and fitness goals for myself for the year! I really like your resolution to call/visit your grandmas more often. I also have two grandmas and although I see one fairly often, I could do a better job with both!

    I am looking forward to watching your progress as you take on two ironman races in one year!

  7. Well, you have read my non-resolutions. I like that you plan to call your grandmothers more, you will be so glad you did, so much to learn from inspiring ladies. I wish you most of luck with all of your races! Enjoy them! And finally, I need to get started on yoga too, that`s a good reminder.

  8. Love focusing on racing for fun! I think thIs is one we are all guilty of. The more we love the training and the race, the healthier we will be mentally and physically!

  9. Awesome that you still have both grandmothers! Sounds like a great resolution/improvement. Mine is centered around positivity and not getting sucked into the negativity (which is primarily at work these days :()

  10. What a great attitude!
    Cheers to more yoga and fun runs in 2013!

  11. I especially like your goal nr.1! Do you go to a class when doing yoga or are you using a dvd/app etc.? I would love to try “being friends” with yoga, but I have never liked it when I tried it in my old gym. I need to get more flexible, though.

  12. #1 really spoke to me. I always feel fortunate to have all of my grandparents still alive, and I know I need to be better about calling them more! Thankfully, two of them email so I do stay connected that way.

  13. I like the thoughtfulness of your resolutions. Seems like you have a great perspective going into 2013. Wishing you all the best.

  14. That trail run sound amazing, and I am not a fan of trail running! Your 2013 goals sound great too! Very realistic!

  15. those are all great FULFILLING goal, selfless, which is even better!

  16. I’m going to go call my nanny now:)

    I am debating making resolutions, but I love yours! Working out w/ no stress and racing for fun! I am all about that this year.

    Can’t wait to see your 2013 goals, pics, and more antics you and the Mr get into.


  17. Doing more yoga would definitely be a good idea for me. I just never seem to make the time for it, but it’s SUCH a good idea!

    Good luck with the resolutions!

  18. Great goals and some smart ones in there too! I have to do better about the grandma this as well :/

    Happy 2013!!

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