Asian adventures

“The first condition of understanding a foreign country is to smell it.” – Rudyard Kipling

I’ve mentioned before that we have an exciting year ahead.

We love to travel but once we moved out and got adult jobs, it became more difficult to go on real adventure trips.

We’ve still managed to travel a lot and make amazing memories, but none have been the big, foreign adventure I crave.

That craving will be satisfied for a little while! In exactly two weeks we’re heading to Thailand and China for four weeks.

We were in Thailand eight years ago and can’t wait to go back.

That's Kelly swimming!

That’s Kelly swimming!


It’ll be our first time visiting China, which will be a lot of fun to explore somewhere new (minus the hazardous smog)!

Click photo for credit

Great Wall of China in winter.
(Click photo for credit.)

We’re only going to two places in Thailand (Koh Samui and Bangkok) and hitting four places in China. It’ll be a whirlwind trip but so amazing.

This is where a couple of my resolutions come in to play: don’t stress about missed workouts and race for fun!

When we’re in Asia, we’ll only be running and I’ll have to be careful with all my knee issues. (Although I love to run on holidays, I want to get in all the sightseeing too!)

We’ll have a very short time to train for Ironman Coeur d’Alene when we get back. (We’ll only have 14 weeks including taper time- yikes.) I could stress about that (and I have started to panic sometimes), but I’d much rather have an adventurous trip and go into the Ironman less prepared than skip the trip and have a lot of training under my race belt.

So, exciting times coming in the next seven months with four weeks in Asia and two Ironman races. I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds!

Have you been to Thailand or China? What place would you most like to travel to?

42 responses to “Asian adventures

  1. If you can get ironman ready in 14 weeks, you can do anything! That trip sounds amazing!

  2. I was in China for almost 3 months, and running was SUPER embarrassing there…I mean, I did it anyway, but it was embarrassing. First of all, they don’t run for exercise, so I think they were confused about what exactly I was doing. Second, I was a giant blond woman (I was blond back then), so I stuck out like a sore thumb. I just remember running and people stopping what they were doing to stare up at me in fear, awe, and shock. So embarrassing! I was in a little-known city. I imagine in the more touristy cities, they might be more familiar with running as a sport.

  3. AGHHHHH HOW FUN!!!!!!!!!!! This is so cool. Traveling is the best thing ever. I’d dump all my money there. Cannot wait for the pics!! Well deserved.

    I haven’t been to Asia, I’m an Italian kind of gal!

  4. This sounds like an amazing adventure! I have never been to Asia, but one day for sure. Right now I’m conquering Europe. I love traveling!!

  5. Oh man am I ever excited for you!! And I’m even more excited for you to get back and share all your stories and pictures. Don’t worry about the IM, I am sure you will do great regardless and its important to enjoy your trip – take it all in 🙂

  6. Oh my goodness! What an amazing trip! I can’t wait to hear all about it.

  7. That trip sounds AMAZING! How so much fun and take tons of photos!!

  8. triathlonobsession

    I absolutely love Thailand and could eat green curry every day (and in fact, nearly did when I was there). I found Bangkok to be so beautiful and then I went rock climbing on Krabi. You’ll get some swimming in sounds like. Maybe the break from structured running will be good for your knee and help with CDA. In any case, have an amazing time!

  9. How exciting – awesome! You’re fit, so you only need 12-13 weeks for IM prep. Perfect timing!

  10. That sounds (and looks) like it will be an amazing trip. And great attitude about trying not to stress about the training and just enjoy your experience.

  11. That sounds amazing! You are so adventurous!

  12. I am so super jealous! Please take tons and tons of pictures to share!
    The BOY and I would love to do a beach vaca in Bora Bora or a wine tour through France ending in Monoco. At this point, I would be thrilled to go anywhere for 4 weeks….even Wisconsin : )

  13. I was in New Zealand last year and everyone said to go to Thailand. So it is on my list. I think I want to go to South America first: Rio, Buenos Aires, Lima, Machu Picchu, Patgonia.
    You will be totally fine with only 14 weeks under your belt for CDA. It is not your first rodeo. It can be a real long “training” day for Canada!! 🙂
    You are going to have so much fun!!!

  14. how absolutely exciting!!
    I can’t wait to hear about it all – both of those places I’ve never been to.
    I love, love, love running in new cities/countries!

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  16. What an exciting adventure in store for you guys!! And I love your attitude; clearly Ironman and working out in general is important, but living in the moment and enjoying such a gift in your trip….awesome 🙂

  17. runnerbydefault

    OMG!! That sounds like an awesome trip!! Enjoy every day of it! I would love to go there someday. Top of my travel list is the Greek Islands and Australia, although I will travel anywhere. I am not picky!! 🙂

  18. So exciting! I’ve been to both and would go back to either in a second. My favorite place in China was the Longji rice terraces near Guilin. Probably too far from where you’ll be. ?? The Great Wall is amazing too! Did you go to Ayutthaya when you were in Thailand before? We hired a car to drive us out there when we were staying in Bangkok. Totally worth it. It was weird because they didn’t care if you touched the ancient artifacts. I’m so used to no-touch museums. Definitely worth skimping a little on the Ironman training! Have a great trip!

  19. Sorry it’s taken me so long to catch up on your posts but guuurrrrlll… I’m so jealous!!! You’re going back!!! G and I have been oohming and aahing about going back to Thailand or trying something new. And China. Wow. I’ve been dying to go. I can’t wait to read your updates. And don’t worry about the training. You’ll come back so re-invigorated you’ll kill those two IMs!!!

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