Wednesday web links – ITU Grand Final and Pro Cycling tour coming to town!

I haven’t posted any links in a long time! Two are exciting sports news and the third is a good reminder/warning for travellers, especially those that run destination races.

ITU Grand Final

On Monday, the International Triathlon Union (ITU) named Edmonton the host city for the ITU World Championships Grand Final in September 2014. Edmonton has hosted nine world cup triathlon events in the last 10 years. With another world cup event this summer and a few changes to the swim lake, the City should be ready to roll come 2014!

I can’t wait to watch the race and be on the lookout for all the athletes in the days leading up to the big event!


(Click on photo for credit.)

It sure would be nice for Paula Findlay to be in top-notch condition for a hometown race!

Tour of Alberta

We’re getting another world-class sporting event: the Tour of Alberta! Our province will host the newest pro-cycling event on the international cycling circuit from Sept. 3-8, 2013.


It will be a six-stage race, starting in Edmonton. The UCI sanctioned the Tour of Alberta as a 2.1 race, making it the highest level pro-cycling event in Canada. As a 2.1 race, up to half could include Pro Tour Teams. The race will be an annual event, changing routes each year.

Although it’s not the Tour de France and never will be, you better believe the hubby and I will be out there cheering like crazy!

Runners and blood clots

Lastly, my husband forwarded me a great article, Runners and Blood Clots: What You Need to Know, from Runner’s World. It’s a first person account of how a fit, frequent flyer developed blood clots from travelling. It’s nice and timely with our upcoming lengthy flights. The author, Jenny Hadfield, includes signs and symptoms and prevention strategies. Her best tip: listen to your body.

Have you watched an international sporting event? What’s your favourite sport to watch live?

31 responses to “Wednesday web links – ITU Grand Final and Pro Cycling tour coming to town!

  1. I love the ITU world triathlon series! Hamburg is hosting a race of the series every year, and it’s always fun to watch the pro athletes race! Last year, I had the change to meet olympic winner Frodeno and wish him good luck for the Olympics in London. So fun! I guess my favorite sport to watch live is triathlon, because you get to be very close to everything here in Hamburg.

  2. That is going to be so exciting with all the events coming to your area! Can’t wait to see if you meet anyone awesome! Interesting article about the blood clots, good to know.

  3. This sounds very exciting! I haven’t watched any major sporting events live, but it sounds really fun!

  4. I love, love, love to watch live cycling! It is so much fun. I watched Lance Armstrong win the U.S. pro cycling race in Phila. back in his pre-cancer (albeit drugging) days. It was a really exciting day. My neighbors are going to Kentucky this weekend to watch the Cyclocross championships–I’m jealous of them and you!

    • That’s amazing you saw Lance win a pro race! And so cool about your neighbours watching the Cyclocross championships! That would be incredible to watch!
      I’m especially excited for the cycling since it’s already this summer!

  5. That’s a great article about the blood clots!

    i love watching NBA live, but I’ve seen U.S. open tennis and it was REALLY good – impressed!

  6. Very exciting, but most exciting of all….your upcoming travels. I have been to several places in Asia and really, really love Thailand. I can’t wait to go back with my husband, hopefully in a few years! =)

  7. How exciting to look forward to athletic events – of any kind! Even better if it’s a sport you love or do yourself.

    Happy travels!!

  8. I’ve never really been a fan of watching any sports… Or a lot of TV for that matter… I love gymnastics though, that is probably the one and only sport I can watch on TV!

  9. Those events sound like so much fun!

    I like to watch football live!!

  10. Those events will be so much fun! We had the ITU Grand Final here in October and it was just amazing to watch live, one of the best sporting events I’ve seen. I’m sure you’ll love it!

  11. I would LOVE to go watch The Tour De France live. Saw Wimbledon, epic doesn’t describe it.

    Anytime I accidentally even stumble on a race it’s always cool to stop and cheer everyone on. Pros or reg Joes.

    Tell Harold hello:)

  12. Wow, very cool about the ITU Tri! I’d love to watch something like that.

  13. Thanks for the informative article! And that’s so cool the tri will be near you! How fun!

  14. As someone who has had a blood clot, I can agree that you should always listen to your body! I have never read an article connecting running with clots but a feel strongly about wearing compression garments on long flights. Don’t forget your ankle pumps : )

  15. I don’t watch many sporting events, but these one’s you’ve posted sound so entertaining!! I also was intrigued by that blood clot article, thanks for sharing!!

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