Spring runnin’ and bloglovin

Winter socks, base layer pants, thick running pants – check!
Base layer sweater, long-sleeved shirt, winter running jacket – check!
Neck warmer, thick toque, thickest mitts – check!
Spring running in Edmonton at its finest.

At the end of last week we got bombarded by large amounts of heavy snow. (We’re going on six months of the white stuff now!)

Friday's Arctic walk

Friday’s Arctic walk

I had taken last week off running to give my knees a bit of a break after only running for five weeks. So after a long trainer session on Saturday, I anxiously laced up my sneakers for a Sunday morning run.

It was -20 Celsius for my first spring run! After running in heat for weeks, my lungs definitely felt it and so did my feet. I wheezed at the beginning and it took 5km before my feet warmed up!

The run wasn’t easy. I took it easy for the majority of it and fought hard during the last two kilometres to run a pace that used to come naturally.

The good news? It felt good to push myself and run outside in clean air. And, warmer weather is on its way!

Can’t wait to go on my first real spring run.


I used to read all my favourite blogs through Google Reader. Since that’s about to  disappear, I’ve imported my feed to Bloglovin. It seems to be easy to use and has some handy features (finding similar blogs, seeing what some of your favourite bloggers  read, etc.)

If you want to sign up or already have an account, you can follow me on Bloglovin!

Are you enjoying runs in shorts? Or, did you get wacky weather this week too? 

Do you read blogs through a reader?

24 responses to “Spring runnin’ and bloglovin

  1. No shorts here! I am glad to hear you’ve been running for 5 weeks though, that’s awesome. I must have missed hearing about that at some point. I use google reader too so I’m looking for a replacement. I will see about bloglovin, I think someone else suggested it too.

  2. Haha, definitely no snow here either! Not -20 mind you, but still hovering around 0… I’m ready for some heat!

  3. You are dedicated, facing that cold! You’ll get back to where you were with running soon enough!

    I don’t use Google Reader, but I’m glad that you found an alternative that you like!

  4. It is crazy to think it is spring and so many people are burried under snow! Luckily, it is starting to warm up where I live and I will hopefully have some short-wearing runs this weekend.

    I don’t use a reader, I’ll have to check that out.

  5. I am SO ready for spring!!! After having virtually no snow all year, we just got about 4 inches today. No school, etc. Blah. Lucky me, though, I am headed off to Austin, TX, on Friday. Shorts and tanks is all I’m bringing for my runs!

    I need to get busy and get out of Reader and into something else!

  6. I’m still running in pants, which is weird because I used to ALWAYS wear shorts..even in the winter. I do see sun more these days which makes for great runs. I think I may try shorts today!! Thanks for the idea! =)

  7. Why is google reader going to disappear??? I had no idea! I’ll have to go check out the bloglovn’s site. Stay warm!

  8. Wacky weather here–I ran in practically a blizzard last night. YUCK!! I’m sooooo ready for shorts.

    As for blog readers…I think I like Feedly more than Bloglovin’ so far, but right now I’m switching between the two.

  9. I guess I should stop complaining about the +1C temps this morning. I’ve been riding to work in shorts for weeks, and it was tough to bring back out the pants.

    I was sad to hear that Google Reader was going away. It’s what I’ve been using to check blogs on my phone during my train ride. I’ll have to check out Bloglovin.

  10. No shorts for me! 😦 I typically wear capris all year around. I am looking forward to getting into tank tops and short sleeve shirts though!

    I read my blogs through the WordPress reader but the Bloglovin sounds pretty interesting. I might go check it out.

  11. runnerbydefault

    Definitely no shorts here! We got some surprise snow this week but this weekend is going to be close to 60 degrees!! Yeah!! I can’t wait for the warmer weather to settle in.

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