Doing what I can training

While most people are writing about their strong weeks preparing for Ironman Coeur d’Alene or other spring/early summer races, I’m following the ‘doing what I can’ training method. Have you heard of it? It’s not as popular as most methods out there, but I hope it’ll work for me! (Don’t get me wrong- I love reading about people’s training and all their amazing progress and workouts!)

I knew that coming back from five weeks away from home, structure, and proper training would be tough. I was looking forward to it! However, I didn’t expect to be sidelined again.

The good news is that it’s not {currently} my knee. The bad news is I’m on a running hiatus.

I’ve been a biking machine the last week and am not detesting the trainer yet. (I think it helped to step away from it for those weeks.) My bike is definitely a work in progress, and probably always will be, but it’s been fun to get in some mileage.

I’ve also been waking up in the 4am hour to get in the pool.

Today I aqua jogged for the first time in years. And I had fun doing it! When my knee hurts, even pool running hurts. So it was nice to be able to mimic running today!

I just really hope to make it to the start line in less than 12 weeks, whether I can run or not. I’m trying to be smart, keep my knees and hips healthy, and trying to get the rest of my body on the same page!

Did you have a nice long weekend? I had four days off for Easter and loved every minute of them!


Do you ever pool run? Like it or loathe it?

Thanks for taking the time to read my three Thailand recaps! I’m hoping to get my China posts written and up this week being that we’ve been home for nearly three weeks now!

35 responses to “Doing what I can training

  1. I have heard of that training program! Sounds like you’re getting in a lot of hard work either way. I love your bike shirt!! Where did you get it??

    • Yes, I know you’ve heard of it!
      Thanks- I actually have one in gray and black! It’s from a Canadian grocery store who also sells cute, cheap clothes that I love (joe). Grocery trips are a lot more expensive than they used to be!

  2. Aw, sorry you are hurting! But it is great to hear you have a good attitude about pool running…put me in the detest it category! Heal quickly!

  3. What a bummer, I’m sorry to hear that you’re still hurting while running…it would have been so great if all that vacation time and modified running had healed everything up!

    I hope everything feels better soon— you’ll still maintain all your great fitness with your cross training and such!

  4. Love that training program! I admire your desire to still do an Ironman despite not having a 100% perfect scenario to train for it. The main reason I think I will never do another Ironman is I just don’t want to commit the time to it – i.e. no vacations, long weekends, giving up social time, etc – but you seem to still fit in life and train! I felt like my life was on hold while Ironman training and you keep living it.

    • I think it’s different after your first. Before your first you’re just SO focused on making it there. I’d love to do really well and be really committed to training, but I don’t think my body deals with it very well.
      We’ll see how it all goes!
      By the way, I’m loving the Pinterest wedding colour schemes!

  5. I want to try pool running…everyone seems to like it! I think that since you’ve done multiple IMs, your training program is great and will totally work. I hear such good things about Coeur d’Alene and kinda wish Jared chose that one so I could go hang out and spectate on the gorgeous course!

    • That’s true- people participating in the ironman don’t think about their spectators very often. Hopefully ours enjoy the scenery! How is Jared healing?
      I bet you’d like to pool run since you like swimming.

  6. I hate pool running! I get soooo bored. Now, I do have one suggestion, as I find it difficult to actually mimic a real running stride in the water, so this was passed on to me by a pro: wear running shoes in the pool (yes, you get funny looks) as they help to keep proper leg form so you don’t end up pointing your toes and keep your stride really unnatural for running. Also, go into the shallow end to “reset” your stride occasionally. Good luck!

    • That is a GREAT tip! Thanks, Alison! I actually noticed a few times that my toes were pointed. I’m going to try wearing runners and going into the shallow end next time!

  7. I’m glad you are enjoying pool running! It’s supposed to be so healthy. You have a great attitude about all of this. Looking forward to more travel updates! 🙂

  8. Get BETTER soon!!! I am sure you will do fine in CDA! Keep up the riding and aqua running. You still have time! 🙂
    I hurt my knee last summer so my friend took me to pool run. I just couldn’t get my heart rate up. I did not really like it.

  9. Aw man, hopefully your knee will improve soon! I have never tried pool running, but at least your are enjoying it! I am sure you will rock your Ironman regardless! I am signed up for a half in June, but although my knee isn’t too bad at the moment, I think my approach to training will be just like yours. I am just not in the mood to go all out with training right now, I just wanna enjoy it and do what I feel like!

  10. I’m sorry you aren’t able to run right now, but your attitude sounds awesome about your training. And that’s great that you were able to pool run without pain. I did a few aqua jogging sessions during my injury, I was lucky to have company from one of my friends and that made it go by fast. Sending you healing prayers.

  11. I want to try pool running SO badly! I hope your knee stays well, and your approach to training is great!

    • I’ve never heard anyone that excited to try pool running!
      By the way, I was so jealous of your post running in a tank and shorts! We’re expecting up to 15 cm of snow in the next couple days!

  12. I enjoyed your Thailand recaps!
    Doing what you can is much better than doing nothing! I am sure you have a high level of base fitness that will help pull you through. All the best for a speedy improvement!

  13. Sorry your knee is bothering you. I have never tried pool running, but my physical therapist highly recommended it when I was injured. And… Loved your Thailand posts.

  14. I have not done any pool running. Do you use a float belt? I have been swimming though but def not at 4am in the morning. Love to see everyone’s tough workouts too!

  15. Yikes, I’m SO far behind my blog reading, BUT: I’m sorry to hear you’re out of whack (or your knee, rather). I’m keeping all my fingers xed that you’ll be back to normal in no time. Also, I’m suddenly hearing/reading about aqua running everywhere. Might have to give it a go?!

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