China highlights – Xiamen

We left Tianjin and flew south to Xiamen, a port city with warm weather and palm trees!

We stayed on a gorgeous canal and were finally able to run outside along the water.


It was great to run in the warmth, but it was tough on our knees! All the sidewalks were made of granite.

We walked around a lot, enjoyed their main shopping street, ate great Italian, and visited Gulangyu Island.

Gulanygu is a pedestrian-only island popular among Chinese honeymooners. The narrow streets together with the architecture give the island a European feel.


Zhongshan Road is a pedestrian shopping street. There are tons of boutique stores and tea shops everywhere.


It’s a great place to people watch (plenty of adorable Chinese kids) and take in the local culture.


We had a lot of fun in Xiamen but couldn’t wait to get to Hong Kong!!


16 responses to “China highlights – Xiamen

  1. So did you take that baby as a souvenir?? Hahaha

  2. So interesting that you get that European flavor in China! And sidewalks made of granite–wow. I think I would have had to take that baby home! ; )

  3. very nice!
    My aunt lives in hong kong, so i’ve been in the past – loved the place 🙂

  4. Where did you find that baby???? 🙂

  5. I would have tried to sneak one of those adorable kids into my suit case with me : )

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  7. runnerbydefault

    Running outside in new places is the best!

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