Stay strong

It’s difficult to put into words how I, and everyone in the endurance community, feel after the events at the Boston Marathon.

I’ve read dozens of blogs and newspaper articles and was glued to CNN yesterday and recognize we all feel the same: sad, hurt, and a little angry.

I was deeply upset yesterday. My husband was, too. It hit home.

Our thoughts are with everyone who was there- the families of people who were injured or died, the runners and their families who were there for the spirit of the marathon, and Bostonians who take pride in their city and event.

There are many ways to help and many people offering their kindness to assist.

That’s the spirit of the marathon, the endurance community, and people coming together in times of crisis.

Last night we went for a long walk with our pup. It helped immensely. Grab a family member or friend and head outside. Your head will feel a little clearer and your day a bit brighter.

5 responses to “Stay strong

  1. Thank you for sharing. I am still in shock. I went for a long walk too! I had to clear my head. I can’t open a paper, read a news story, without busting into tears.

    How senseless. My heart goes out to everyone. Glad our community is strong!

  2. I think we’re all in some degree of shock. I don’t actually live “in” the city, but Boston Marathon is ours, yours, everyone’s. Its a sad day in Boston history and in Boston Marathon history, but it is comforting to hear everyone coming together (both online and in the city helping others).

    Wishing peace to all.

  3. You are so right. I went for a run tonight and it made me feel closer to the victims and people of Boston, somehow.

  4. This post just proves that evil has NOT won. People are innately good, and this act of terror only solidified that belief for me. All those people I saw running toward the blasts to help the injured, all the people who opened their homes to the runners who didnt have anywhere to go, and all the bloggers who write such kind words are a much more powerful force than anything the bad guys can throw at us.

  5. runnerbydefault

    Such devastating events! I feel so bad for all those affected.

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