My weekend: three highlights

I had Friday off. During Ironman training, three-day weekends are worth more than gold. I take the day totally off working out and turn into a cleaning machine. I also grocery shop, prep veggies for the week, and do some sort of vegan baking. It really makes the rest of the weekend much more enjoyable!

I also try to spend more time with Harold. It was a beautiful day, so we went for a long walk (in shorts and a t-shirt)!


Saturday was supposed to be a warm day but with insane winds (warnings of 100km/hour gusts) and Kelly was working. So I hopped on the trainer!

I rode long again and watched Without Limits (among other movies) in spirit of the Eugene Marathon. A couple weekends ago I watched Unbreakable, a documentary about the Western States 100.

Squaw Valley - Jan. 2012

Start of WS 100, Squaw Valley – Jan. 2012

I really noticed I picked up the pace during Pre’s races (Without Limits) and the running segments of Unbreakable! I think I should watch more sport movies when I train!

The third isn’t my highlight but Kelly’s. He did his first bike race of the season on Sunday and loved it!


I didn’t end up going to watch, so I’m really excited for his next race so I can get out there and cheer!

Did you race this weekend?! Tell me about it!

What’s your favourite sports movie?

Which Pre movie do you like better, Without Limits or Prefontaine?

31 responses to “My weekend: three highlights

  1. Your dog is precious! Justin has been watching seasons of Suits and The Americans while on the trainer. But, it’s getting warm out now so he’s able to get out with friends!

  2. My husband loves watching movies like that when he trains, too. I have seen Unbreakable–it’s very inspiring!

  3. No races for me this weekend, but I loved hearing about my friends’ races!!

  4. Aww your dog is soo cute! I’ve never seen without limits, but I have seen prefontaine, which is such an awesome movie i’m calling it my favorite. also doesn’t hurt that it has jared leto 🙂

  5. Congrats on the first race of the season, Kelly! That sounds like a great long weekend. I am obsessed with everything Pre, but I’m trying to remember if I have seen either of these movies? I think my cross country team in college watched one of them like every weekend, but for some reason I can’t remember them. I should probably watch both soon!

  6. I love, love, love Unbreakable! I want to watch it with my kids again, too, to inspire them. I can’t remember which Pre movie I liked better, now–it’s been too long! Great choices for trainer riding.

  7. I must watch these movies! That is funny that you go faster while watching them, so make sure you think about them lots when you are racing!

  8. I’ve seen some of those movies – but not Unbreakable. Sounds good, I’ll have to watch it sometime! Harold is so cute, and congrats to your husband on his race!

  9. Those movies sound good. Are they on Netflix? That might even inspire me to get on my trainer that has seen zero action thanks to marathon training!

  10. Awe I love that doggie!!! I finished off my vacation this weekend with a race on Saturday! I need to try to watch movies while on the machines in the gym, I’m hoping they would make my runs go by faster. I’m just always too short to really get a good view of the screen!

  11. You guys are 1) gorgeous 2) the power couple.

    Hi Harold:) Indy misses you.

    You are such a bada** you’re training determination is admirable.

    Chasing Legends is awesome – have you seen it?? Really think you’d love it.

    • No- but I think you told me about it before. I definitely need to get my hands on it! Thanks for the reminder.
      How is Indy! And your beautiful babe? I haven’t seen any photos of them lately!

  12. I haven’t watched either Pre movie, but I did read the book “Pre.” It was really good! What an inspiring story. Good luck with your training!

  13. Hi!
    Having Friday off really does make the weekend better! There should be mandatory three day weekends. This weekend I had a 4miler. I love getting up early to race because you have the entire day. But I was honestly so tired all weekend. I really could have used an extra day!
    – Jenna

  14. One of my favorite cycling movies is: American Flyers.
    I love Without Limits!!
    Kelly finally got to race that is so exciting!!!

  15. runnerbydefault

    Awe!! Love Harold! So sweet! I have to admit that I haven’t seen either of those movies. Sounds like I better look them up and watch them!!

  16. Somehow I haven’t seen either movie…I must fix that. I really like Miracle…it’s such an inspiring movie!

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