Wednesday web links – Ironman news and fun bikes

I haven’t posted any interesting links in a long time! Two are Ironman related- can you tell what’s on my mind lately?!

The Physiology of an Ironman – Read about what really goes on inside a person’s body when they’re racing an Ironman, from start to finish. My favourite sentence is from the run explanation, “Just when you think there’s no way you could possibly run a marathon, another burst of adrenaline runs through your body when you hear the crowd.”


I’ve only done two Ironmans, but I can definitely relate to that sentence!

Pure Fix Cycles – These bikes look super fun. Did I mention they’re glow in the dark? There are four options in the glow series, so you can choose how much glow you want!  If you’re not in the market for a new bike, you can also buy glow in the dark wheel sets.

Ironman Coeur d’Alene forgoing mass swim start? – I first read about possible changes to the swim start a couple weeks ago and then found this article dating back to February.

I can’t find any conclusive information on whether Ironman Coeur d’Alene will have a mass swim start or waves. I guess we’ll have to wait until the Athlete Guide comes out in a few weeks.

Also, I’m not sure how I would feel about a wave start. I was incredibly nervous for both an in-water start (Arizona) and a beach start (Canada), but I think mass starts are part of the excitement and craziness of triathlon.

That being said, safety is obviously a priority for Ironman and for racers. I was hit in the face and kicked really hard during the AZ swim, and I’m sure that’s getting off easy! I’ll be interested to see the decision, and the logistics if it is a wave start.

Mass start at IMAZ 2010.

Mass start at IMAZ 2010.

Have you read anything interesting lately?

What do you think of a wave start versus mass start?

32 responses to “Wednesday web links – Ironman news and fun bikes

  1. Just following all the news of the new cycling season that kicks off in Italy.
    I am absolutely so in awe of your Ironman status. Do you have a tattoo?

    It’s just freaking incredible. your mind, your body, all have to be strong.

    Wave start all the way, mass anything scares me, lol.

    • I bet you get some pretty great coverage of cycling! My husband goes to this website that live streams all the races. I get most of the details during dinner 🙂
      I seriously need to work on my mental game; I’m terrified of having an Ironman so soon!

  2. A triathlon is on my bucket list, so I’m saving your links for my train reading!!

  3. My husband is going to love this post. Sending it to him now!

  4. I can’t believe you have done an Ironman, let alone 2 of them. Way to go!!! I personally like wave starts, it makes things a little less chaotic.

  5. That is so interesting that CDA might do a wave start!! I do think that it is a HUGE SAFETY issue. I always start in the thick of things and when I did CDA (because it is 2 loops) it was a battlefield the entire 2.4!!! I was pretty much in a battlefield for AZ too and it is one loop.
    In general I am not sure what my feelings are. The problem with the wave starts in CDA are how are they going to seed you. People going early who are fast are going to catch up to the slow people going late in the second loop. You know how people are cometitive!! I think it would only work on a 1 loop course. But Louisville does wave starts but not sure what there swim course is like.
    I like the idea of waves but I do agree the mass start is part of the IM experience!

  6. Wow I’ve always been in awe of triathletes but that physiology of an ironman article is amazing!! Also that’s such an awesome photo of IMAZ 2010 with everyone in the water and all the fans on the bridge!

  7. That is interesting about the possible wave start in Coeur d’Alene. I don’t know if my husband has heard that yet. Not that I have done an Ironman, but I think I would prefer the wave start because I would be scared of the thrashing around of the mass start!

  8. I like mass starts… to a point. The first IM I did was Canada in 2000, and with 1800 people a mass start was fun and exciting. Fast forward to IMAZ in 2012, with over 3000 people (not to mention a relatively small swim area), and it was a complete gong show. I came out of the water with a black eye. I think if WTC is going to let a seemingly infinite number of athletes in to their races, mass starts may have to be a thing of the past. I am also thinking of Whistler this year, and how a mass start (assuming the now-norm of 3000+ athletes) would possibly work in that lake. Plus, I am doing on-water safety for that race, so how could I spot someone in distress with thousands of flailing arms in that small of an area anyway? I know that wave starts come with their own issues, but athlete safety has to be first. So I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the WTC races (excepting Kona for sure) transition to some sort of wave starts.

    • I remember reading your swim report from IMAZ; it sounded brutal!
      I wonder the same thing about Whistler. I’ll have to search to see if they’re planning a mass or wave start. I didn’t know you’re doing on-water safety for it! I’ll finally get to meet you! Did you volunteer specifically for that role, or was it given to you?
      Thanks for weighing in on this!

      • All the IM sites say their races are still mass starts (including CDA and Whistler), but I don’t know if talks are going on in the background about wave starts. That’s the rumour – but I am not privy to any inside info! We’ll be in Whistler for IM so decided to volunteer; we’ll have our SUPs there so figured we’d do morning swim stuff, and I’m also volunteering with pro athlete drug testing later in the day. We’ll be in Whistler from Aug 16-26, so yes – let’s meet!!

      • Sounds like you guys will have a blast! That would be fun to volunteer for the pro drug testing.

  9. runnerbydefault

    It seems like mass start would be so much safer. I think I would have felt MUCH calmer during the swim portion of my sprint tri if I wasn’t surrounded by so many people!! The swim really freaked me out!! I was so glad to see land! I was so scared of getting kicked like you did that I ended up doing a lot of backstroke just to save my face. 🙂

  10. I’m pretty sure that I would be more comfortable with a wave start (I have swimming anxiety!), but since when is an Ironman about being “comfortable?” It does seem like the race would be missing something without the mass start. And I was recently reading about some confusion at Ironman Louisville (wave start) with regards to when the finish line closes (someone crossed in under 17 hours, but after midnight).

    • Great point about comfort during an Ironman, Jesse. That’s the debate I’ve read about Coeur d’Alene…some people finishing before midnight might be over 17 hours so would get a medal but then would show DNF in the results…it all seems a bit confusing!
      How is your swimming going?

      • My swimming needs a lot of attention! Hopefully this weekend I’ll hop back in the pool and put some effort into it. Earlier this week, I signed up for my first triathlon, so there’s no turning back now!

  11. Oh wow! I didn’t know about the CDA swim news. I SO HOPE they change it to a wave start as that will allow for a bit of in-water warm-up and far, far less open water anxiety!!

  12. Hmmm…I think I’d prefer the mass start, but I did do a half IM years ago with a time trial start and it was just fine. Will be interesting to see what they do.

  13. Well as a spectator wave starts are really confusing because you can’t tell who’s winning without doing math. Swim starts in general are one reason I won’t be doing a triathlon anytime soon!

  14. Oh man, I could never imagine doing a marathon… well… ever. haha You’re a machine!!! 🙂 I haven’t read anything earth shattering about fitness lately, but I did just finish up a good book, Spring Fling – an easy summer read.

  15. Just found your blog from a comment link on Commitness to Fitness. Excited to follow your IM journey. I did a half IM a few years back and would love to tackle the full some day, when my girls are a little older. Right now I’m just happy to be getting back into a regular running routine after #2. Also saw on your profile that you work in PR/communication. Marketing/communication is how I pay the bills too. I’m chained to my computer all day but lucky enough to work from a home office.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Nicole! I can’t imagine keeping up fitness with two little ones- major kudos to you!
      Ideally, I would love to work from home. Maybe one day!

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