Thoughts from my first long ride outside

My long rides are generally relegated to weekends. Due to weekend plans, we had to ride long on Thursday instead.

Kelly skipped his hill training to come with me, so I hoped my legs would show up! After a tough weekend of workouts and consecutive training since Saturday, I wasn’t sure they’d be up to the challenge. Throw in strong winds, a poor sleep the night before, and a full day of work and the test was on!

First five minutes: Cycling outside is incredible! I love the sun on my face, the breeze in my helmet vents, and the scenery!

Within 20 minutes, heading into the wind: This isn’t so bad. At least I’m outside!

After 40 minutes of riding into the wind: If another big truck flies by me, the wind suck from it is going to topple me over. Hopefully I fall into the ditch instead of the highway. I can’t believe how fast Kelly can ride. I wonder if I’ll ever be nearly as strong?!

After 60 minutes of riding into the wind: I love biking. I love biking. I love biking.

Ninety minutes in, after finally turning out of the wind: I really do love to bike! I feel like I could go all night! I can’t believe how warm it is.


Two hours, after a turn back into the wind: Will Kelly be disappointed if I tell him we need to turn? My legs are cement blocks. I don’t know how I can keep riding and then make it back home.

Two and a half hours later, after the turnaround point: Look at that gorgeous deer! The fields are stunning! Aww- sheep and llamas! Riding long in the evening is great! The roads are quiet, and the sky looks incredible.

Three hour mark, back into the wind: Seriously, how are we going to make it home before the sun sets? What was I thinking riding this long when my legs are this tired? AHHH- DOGS FURIOUSLY BARKING AND STARTING TO CHASE. Come on legs- GO! Thank goodness Kelly’s with me!

Rest of the ride home: Woohoo! First long ride outside- finished! I can’t wait to get out every weekend!

The moral of the story is that training isn’t always sunshine. It isn’t always easy. I struggled throughout, but luckily there were easy, beautiful, and fun moments in there.

Training is supposed to be tough sometimes! And those hard sessions sure do make you appreciate the easier ones. Thankfully I have an encouraging training buddy to keep me going, block the wind when I’m desperate, make me laugh when I get grumpy, and share his liquid when I run out.


Tell me your thought process during workouts. What makes you continue?

Did you race this weekend? Tell me about it!

28 responses to “Thoughts from my first long ride outside

  1. One of the reasons I fell in love with running is because it really does force you to continue. CAse in point: If I’m on the treadmill and tired, I get off and sit down. If I’m outside and rand 5 miles in one direction- I HAVE to run another 5 miles to get home, or become homeless and live outside forever. 🙂 I did go on my first bike ride this weekend for the 5 boro bike tour! I think I love biking now, may have to invest in one of my own!!

  2. So you rode for about 5 hours??? Wow!! Impressive! I like biking but I’ve never done it seriously, only for fun.

  3. Haha ahh I love this! Your posts are always so inspiring because I know that if you can pull through during your absolutely incredible super woman workouts, I can certainly pull through on my much less strenuous workouts. Plus it gives me something to aim for! And btw, you and Kelly make the cutest couple 🙂

  4. I know I struggle sometimes through my long runs when I am training. It is sometimes hard to continue, but I always tell myself that it is only a small part of my day and that I will feel so much better once I am done. I never regret a run, but always regrets the ones I dont do. I do run my 6th 1/2 marathon this last Sunday. I set a new PR for halfs at 2:09:07. I beat it by over 5 mins from my previous PR. I have been contemplating training for a full, but haven’t decided yet….

  5. Great job! Those first few back outside are always so tough, and you did a long one to boot. But once you’re out there and can start appreciating it, it is all worth it.

  6. This post makes me want to dust off my bike and get outside! I love enjoying the scenery on long rides. It’s amazing how beautiful rides can be if you just go a few miles off the main roads. I love riding with my husband because he’s tall and blocks the wind for me…when I can keep up!

  7. Congrats on your long ride. Ughhh… I’ve been there too. I have to convince myself to get on my bike and sometimes it’s easier to set up your trainer and stay indoors. Once you’re out there and you feel the beautiful fresh air whipping through your helmet, you LOVE it! You even enjoy the headwind because you know it’s only making you stronger.
    P.S Don’t you love your Giant? I love mine a little too much.

    • You said exactly what I feel! I do adore my giant! It fits a lot better than my trek, too, so I’m enjoying the change. Ha ha ha- I can relate. My husband loves his bikes a little too much!

  8. So Awesome!!!! Glad you could FINALLY get outside!! I think what hurts the most will only make you stronger!! I think the trainer sessions have probably helped you get stronger and also mentally stronger! I loved the break down. 🙂
    My rides go a lot like that. Oh I hate the wind…Oh I love my bike…It is sunny out and that is all that matters…When is the ride going to be over….the sun is too bright…OMG look at the deer…I can’t believe the ride is almost over…oh my back hurts!! 🙂 Glad to know that I am not the only one having those thoughts!
    Wildflower PR on the course by 16 minutes! Had a great race. Even though it was WAY TOO HOT TO DO ANYTHING OUTSIDE!! 6:46! Super Excited!

    • Huge congratulations on your race! I can’t wait to read your recap. Even more amazing that you did it 16 minutes faster in extreme heat!
      I feel better knowing other people think like that, too! I’m pretty sure my husband thinks it’s all easy and enjoyable!

  9. You see the sunshine through the showers my friend.

    it is nice how much faster time flies on the bike, but anything at two hours is going to feel long.

    You did GREAT!

  10. Love this! It must have felt great to get out and appreciate the little things like the wind in your hair and the evening sky – that’s worth having legs like cement blocks for! Plus, it makes me feel like I’m not so crazy for having similar thought processes when I run!

  11. I love hearing your thought process. Isn’t it amazing the range of feelings we can go through in just one workout? Sometimes on tough days I tell myself I am not allowed to think at all and if thoughts start popping into my head about how hard it is or how I am hating it, I try to push them out of my head. Doesn’t always work, but I try!

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  13. Haha I have the same exact cycle of thoughts throughout long rides (or did, I guess since I don’t ride anymore). Outdoor riding definitely is awesome in many ways but also takes some mental toughness! Glad you got through it!

  14. Argh, apologies for neglecting my commenting skillz… well done on the long ride. I have yet to stay on my bike for that long. Need to attempt it soon though!!!!

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