First camping trip of the season a success!

We snuck out to Jasper National Park this weekend for our first camping trip of the summer. Although it was the beginning of May in the mountains, we couldn’t have asked for better weather!


We didn’t manage to go skiing there (or anywhere for that matter) this winter, so we were overdue for a visit.

Harold goes seriously snaky when we get to Jasper! He sticks his head out the window or gets as close to the window as he can so he can spot wildlife and smell the mountain air.

We saw tons of wildlife as soon as we entered the park and all weekend long!


After dinner and a walk, I was exhausted and ready for bed. I think Thursday’s bike and Friday’s work really did me in!

We woke up on Saturday with the plan of combining a trail run and hike. We didn’t know how long Harold would last on the run, so we took along his Croozer.


We needed wider trails without too many roots and rocks so ran behind the town of Jasper, up to Patricia and Pyramid Lakes on the bike trails.


I forget how much I adore the trails, and especially running on them. You’re surrounded by nature, the surface is soft, and the run is always a challenge.

We ended up running for just over 10 miles. Harold was a champ and ran for probably nine of the 10! Kelly was also a champ for pushing the Croozer most of the way!


Harold runs better if he’s chasing me, so this is what we look like…a little crazy but at least we’re out there!


Some people definitely do a double take when they realize there is no child in the stroller.

We stopped for some snacks at Pyramid Lake, continued on for a little, then turned to make the trek back to town.


On the way back, I tripped on something and fell. Hard. It involved a somersault/roll, about nine feet from fall to landing, and a prickly bush. Kelly thought I seriously hurt myself, Harold pounced to make sure I was ok, and I laugh/cried about my klutziness.

Thankfully, I was completely ok. (Just a little embarrassed!)

Once we got back to Jasper, we did our typical loop before heading back to camp and roasting veggie dogs over the fire. Ahhh…camp food!

We capped off our ideal day with another little hike to the river.

We call this place Harold Beach since we come almost every time we’re in Jasper. It’s usually pretty secluded, and Harold loves running on the sand and lapping up the river water.


It was interesting to see how dry the river is since there hasn’t been much spring run-off. In a few weeks/months, this river will be raging!

Do you see our three shadows?

Do you see our three shadows?

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend. Although we didn’t train as much as we should have, it was so good for the soul to get out there!

I can’t wait for more mountain trips this summer.

Do you camp? What’s your favourite campfire food?


50 responses to “First camping trip of the season a success!

  1. This sounds like the perfect weekend getaway! I’m so jealous! My husband and I love to vacation in national parks, and Jasper is on our list. Beautiful pictures too! Glad you didn’t hurt yourself in your tumble.

  2. That looks AMAZING! I love camping 🙂 Although I haven’t been in years, I plan to go this summer! I can sympathize with your fall – yesterday I had a nice fall off my bike in front of everyone to see, but luckily I’m okay! And I have never seen a stroller for dogs before, haha!

    • Thank goodness you’re ok! Tumbles off bikes can be quite embarrassing (speaking from experience)!
      It’s actually a kid’s stroller, but we did recently see ones specifically for dogs at a bike shop!

  3. Wow that is amazingly picturesque. those photos with the lake and mountains in the background are unreal. so beautiful! the stroller for harold is hilarious- but it’s a fantastic idea so you can bring him along and not have to worry about him getting tired. What an awesome weekend! my favorite campfire food is roasted marshmallows- not smores- just the ‘mallow.

    • I think I prefer marshmallows over s’mores, too!
      We bought it for him one weekend in Jasper when after a run he couldn’t do anything else! Now we can be out for a full, active day and not worry about him keeping up!

  4. Love the scenic pictures! That’s so cute that you guys have a stroller for Harold. Great job for him running for 9. I am not a fan of camping, but do like to go to the mountains for the day to go hiking, etc.

  5. Oh my goodness, I am dying laughing about that dog stroller! Dogs are not allowed at National Parks in the US, so I’m glad that Harold and his stroller were able to join you!

  6. Gorgeous! Yay for kicking off camping! Wonder if I could talk Frank into it this weekend? I love your family run. When we hike our pup will not follow me…I think she doesn’t trust me, but she loves following Frank. This pictures are beautiful. Sorry about your fall, but glad you licked out with no injury!

    • Congratulations- I assume you’re finished school now?! Are you back in Michigan? Funny that your pup won’t follow you! Harold prefers to lead, and if he isn’t leading, he’s chasing!

  7. Your dog went almost 10 miles! What a champ. I’m lucky if mine goes 2! I love that you have a stroller for him. Maybe I should take one for me next time I run with my husband!

  8. I can smell the camp fire. GREAT pics.

    I need to know more about Harold’s ride bc Indy and Ryder would be all over it. Do you like it??

    • We love the Croozer! It’s awesome, too, because it transfers to a a bike trailer. I think it’s also an off-road one so has beefier tires.
      Do you have a Bob? Do you like it?

  9. My dogs got tiny little legs, so sometimes when we go camping we take a stroller for her, too! BEAUTIFUL pictures, glad May camping went so well for you guys! 🙂

  10. So beautiful and I love that you have a Croozer for your pup. I need to get one for our babe. We only have a running one and now I need one for our bike.
    Last time we went camping I was 8 months pregnant and LOVED it! I absolutely love the outdoors. Of course s’mores are my favorite treat and I did eat them for breakfast on our last camping trip. Is that considered a meal? heheh

  11. Looks fantastic! And that Croozer is hilarious!

  12. So much fun!! A great break from training I am sure!! That Croozer is the funniest thing I have ever seen! It is a really good idea!!
    10 Mile run….that is awesome!! Too bad you fell at the end of it! 😦 I also love that picture of you guys in the shadow!
    I love to camp. I don’t go very often. I guess it is too much work. Last weekend was fun. I feel like I still smell like campfire!!
    Roasting smores is my favorite. But we like to make boats with a tofu/veggie in goddess dressing mixture.

  13. Wow, it is so beautiful there! Harold looks sooo happy to be outside and running!

  14. What a beautiful camping trip! I’m so happy that you guys thawed out and were able to get out and enjoy some sunshine : )

  15. Glad you had a fun trip! Amazing your little pup could run that far. I think it’s cute your hubby pushed the stroller all that way. It’s probably nice to have to hold your stuff though right? Glad you weren’t hurt on the fall!!

  16. These photos are gorgeous!! Those MOUNTAINS! I cannot wait to camp this summer!

  17. I love everything about this post! You guys are awesome! Last weekend would have been the best for camping it was so beautiful out! I love Jasper too, last time we went we stayed up at Pyramid Lake. So beautiful. Yay for summer and camping and mountains!

    • Wasn’t it stunning out?! I hope we have lots of weekends like that this summer!
      The hotel at Pyramid looks awesome! Have you seen the cabins at Patricia Lake? They look great, too!

  18. 10 miles of trails! I would love it. I love getting away and into the mountains. Can we visit?! 😉

  19. Hello! I am here via Work in Sweats Mama!
    What a GORGEOUS set of pictures. I would love a day like that one! We live in Flagstaff, AZ and there are many adventures to be found. I love the doggie stroller!! Too cute.
    I am so glad you are ok. I don’t often catch my breath when I am reading blogs, but I did today!

    • Thanks for visiting, Stephanie!
      My husband and I always say if we could live in the States it would be either Arizona or Colorado. I’m sure there are tons of adventures to be had there!

  20. This looks like so much fun!! And soo pretty! I used to go camping all the time with friends/family. Then I moved to NYC and its a little more challenging when campgrounds aren’t as close. Now, my fiance and I usually go for my birthday in September, so far its rained every time 😦

  21. runnerbydefault

    Ha Ha!! Love the pic of Harold chasing you! That would so be my dog. He hates to be last. Does Harold try to attack the wildlife? He seems pretty chill in the picture. My pooch would be going nuts!!

    • Funny- I don’t know if they’re competitive or just don’t want to be left behind!
      Harold goes crazy at wildlife when he’s in the safety of a vehicle, but up close he’s pretty scared! (Thankfully!)

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  23. I love that you have a trailer for your dog. That is too funny!!! And makes you very good doggy-parents. 😉

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  25. I’m not sure which I think is cuter…your dog (who is freakin’ adorable) or the fact that your dog has a Croozer. Love it!

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