Weekend full of outdoor fun

This weekend was a great, but busy, one! I think spring has finally arrived, which was perfect since we were outside for the majority of the two days.

Kelly had a cycling stage race, which was really three races with two on Saturday and one on Sunday. I’ll try to write a post about them separately since I think bike races are fascinating! He did really well and ended up coming in third in his category.

First lap of the road race

First lap of the road race

I had three good workouts- a long swim (Friday), a run (Saturday), and a long bike (Sunday). I ran nearly 12 miles, which is the furthest I’ve run since RnR Denver half in October.

Although I had to wake up before 4:30 on a Saturday morning to fit it in, it felt amazing! I simply love to run.

The rest of Saturday was spent spectating Kelly’s two races. And I sold/ had to say goodbye to my Trek road bike that saw me through Ironman Canada training and the race.

It's getting real!

Racking the bike before IMCA

Hopefully I make the same positive memories with my new bike!

Sunday morning came quickly. I headed out for a 100 mile/160 km ride solo.


Although I often ride alone, I’ve never gone that far alone. Kelly usually comes with me and does some out and backs. I’ve done a couple Gran Fondos and ride alone, but I know there are people out there!

I was a little nervous. I’m not very good at changing my flats and am weak with other mechanical issues. For some reason farm dogs always want to chase/attack me. And that’s a long time to be alone on the country roads!

Long story short- I survived and enjoyed 95 per cent of it. It was a warm day. My knees felt good. The roads were quiet (almost eerily so), and I didn’t encounter any farm dogs! The only negative was that the way home was into the wind and it took longer than I expected. I was pretty spent by the end of the weekend so hung out with the neglected pup.


People say long-course triathlon is a selfish sport. I wholeheartedly agree.

It was Mother’s Day weekend and I have an amazing mother and mother-in-law, who we are fortunate to live near. To ‘celebrate’ them, my mom got a quick lunch on Friday and Kelly’s mom got a dinner on Saturday. I would have loved to take the time to make a nice dinner and healthy vegan dessert and/or spend time doing something together.

Thankfully they are supportive and understanding of our endeavours and enjoy any time we can visit.

I’m lucky Kelly loves this as much as I do, otherwise I’d never see him!

How was your weekend? How did you celebrate Mother’s Day? 

34 responses to “Weekend full of outdoor fun

  1. You have the coolest life. Sounds like an incredible weekend. 100 miles would be amazing if you went with a whole team of people, 100 miles alone is just phenomenal. Congrats to Kelly for coming in 3rd!!

  2. Way to go! I can’t imagine riding that far…by myself OR with friends!

  3. Yay for enjoying 95% of your long ride! My husband usually rides with others. You’re doing awesome in your training!
    Congrats to Kelly- is he doing the Ironman in June too?

  4. Wow, a 100-mile solo ride is impressive! I have never gone that far by myself. Like you, I’m not very good (read: TERRIBLE) at mechanical issues. If I ever got a flat in a race, it would take me FOREVER to change it. I’d probably ask for assistance even if it meant a DQ. And I like to have my husband with me so he can protect me from crazy dogs! Congrats to Kelly on his races. I’m not sure I could ever do a cycling race – they intimidate me! Great job on a big training weekend!

  5. So awesome!! I am so glad your run went well!!! Your bike ride was outside yay!!! 100 miles solo….so BRAVE!! Way to get it done!! CDA is almost here!!!! I train a lot on my own but long bike rides I usually can swindle someone into going with me!! :).
    My weekend was good!!! Lots of riding…little running! 🙂
    My mom is far away so we texted /talked while watching the Survivor finale. 🙂

  6. Sounds like a pretty great weekend to me… I’d really enjoy reading more about the cycling stage race as I’ve read several others and it sounds like a really fun time (although I have to admin I don’t even really know what the category of racers are).

  7. You got some really nice, solid training in! I am impressed with the 100-mile solo ride…long way to go alone. But I think it’s great mental training for an IM.

    My mother’s day was awesome…a hike, a run, and a movie at night!

  8. Definitely an impressive feat to ride that far alone! I would be very nervous too about breaking down or anything happening! Training for IM during this time of year is really hard – I felt the same way last year! I remember showing up to Mother’s Day BBQ late and exhausted from a 18 mile run that morning after a 95 mile ride the day before! But your family loves you and supports you and at least you go to celebrate with them at different times!

  9. Wow, 100 miles solo is impressive! I did my first bike ride of the year this weekend. It was only 17 miles and I was scared I was going to get a flat the entire time. I obviously have a LONG way to go before considering an Ironman!

    • That’s awesome you rode this weekend! When is your MS ride?
      You’d be surprised at hoe quickly you can add the mileage on a bike. I bet cuter you watch your husband, you’ll be signing up soon after!

  10. runnerbydefault

    What a great weekend! I bet you were exhausted after all that! Be careful and alert on your rides. Drivers just don’t pay attention (don’t even get me started on driving and texting!!!)!

  11. Wow 100 miles on a bike?! You are a machine! We spent a lot of time outside this weekend too, the weather was beautiful!

  12. so impressed with your miles and riding! will you come down to TX and teach me your bike skills? I need a refresher!

  13. I’m going to have my husband read this post. He’s doing 20 – 26 mile bike rides multiple times a week (b/c he isn’t running right now he’s doing a lot more biking). He’s been thinking of taking a LONG ride… this might be the inspiration he needs!

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  15. I had the best weekend with my family celebrating my mom! I’m exciting about spring weather and race season. Woo hoo!

  16. That does sound like a great weekend. How have you been getting on with your new bike since then?

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