Perfect ride

Have you had one of those workouts or days where you cheeks hurt from smiling and you don’t want it to end? That was our bike ride on Sunday.

The forecast wasn’t great for home or Jasper. I knew I wanted to ride 180km if we stayed in Edmonton or have a fun ride if we went to Jasper. Jasper wins every time.


It was only +2 at the start of our ride. Not very warm for my poor fingers! But the views more than made up for the cold!


After a ride into town and a quick stop at our favourite bakery (Bear’s Paw) for some fuel, we were on our way.


The sun was shining. Wildlife was out in full force. The lakes were a glorious aquamarine colour. And we got to ride on a newly paved road that was closed to vehicles.


It was seriously cyclist heaven! The road was 14km uphill, which was an amazing workout for me.


Kelly would ride ahead a bit and then come back to me. At one point, he said he could see my smile from so far away.

We loved every minute of it.


On the way back down we ran into a bear and cub! They were off to the side and scuttled up a tree; it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. The cub’s face literally looked like a teddy bear!

It was an absolutely incredible day that solidified my love of cycling and made me realize how lucky we are to be healthy enough to enjoy the outdoors that way, together.


And my cheeks most definitely hurt by the end!

Tell me about your most recent memorable workout or day! 

52 responses to “Perfect ride

  1. What stunning scenery! You are truly an inspirational athlete- so fit!!

  2. I wish I had those views in my backyard – thanks for sharing the amazing pictures. I miss the mountains!

  3. This is why I lovvve your blog- the pictures, the workouts and the general love for exercise and the outdoors. I always get so inspired after reading. Cheeks hurting from smiling is the best thing ever 🙂

  4. You have the BEST place to work out. i’d prob become a biker if I lived there!!

  5. Wow, I bet the bear cub was adorable! What a neat experience and the views look absolutely incredible.

  6. What amazing scenery for your ride. And to have a road that is closed to vehicles is a dream! So glad you had such an awesome ride. I’m hoping my marathon this Sunday will be filled with smiles like your ride was!

  7. I NEED to come stay with you guys OH my gosh these views!! You live in such an amazingly beautiful area! I love days like this, being outside and just loving life!! Stopping for fuel is always fun too!!

  8. Riding on a closed road – awesome!

  9. Beautiful! Lucky you to have such amazing scenery for a ride.

  10. Wow, sounds like a great place for a ride – and how cool that you were able to see that bear and cub! You weren’t nervous at all?

  11. That looks like an amazing ride!

  12. wow, the views look absolutely amazing! 🙂

  13. What a beautiful ride! So glad you enjoyed it! A couple of times I’ve done a one-way long run through four coastal cities in San Diego back to my home (18-21 miles) and I’ve loved those runs! It’s so fun to run really far among beautiful scenery and feel like you are actually traveling somewhere.

  14. OK, your pictures have bumped Jasper up on my travel list! Now I just need to find some babysitters for the girls so my husband and I can escape for some heavenly hiking and cycling!

  15. Looks gorgeous!! No wonder why you are still smiling!! 🙂 I am so glad you guys can finally get outside and ride!! So much better than the trainer!!

  16. What amazing views, you lucky thing!

    • I just read a UK trail running magazine…I have the itch to go there and run some trails now! I wonder if some of the ones they talked about are where you guys go?

  17. Ughhh.. Bring me with you?! I need a ride like this. It is absolutely gorgeous. My last great workouts were in the pool. I love to swim and feel my body move effortlessly through the water. Keep up the great rides!

  18. That is a memorable ride! I can’t believe how chilly it still is by you. I tried to get in a good ride yesterday but instead ended up with a nail in my back tire. I am looking forward to these weekend’s Bike the Drive on Lake Shore Drive. It’s so much fun!

    • Brutal about the nail. Sounds the a fun ride this weekend- hope you take lots of photos!
      It’s been pretty warm here, but in the mountains in the morning it is freezing!!

  19. Love the pics and love your awesome ride!!! Thanks for sharing, lucky lady!

  20. Such an exhilarating place to ride! You are so lucky to have Jasper on your doorstep!

  21. STUNNING!! I can see why you enjoyed that so much. Bike riding here is…pretty flat. Unless you like corn, then it’s exciting.

  22. runnerbydefault

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! I can see why you were smiling! Sounds like a perfect day.

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