Happy birthday and life lessons

Today’s a special day. Harold officially turns six-years-old! Although he’s six in puppy years, according to the chart at my vet’s office he’s actually the big 4-0!


Each year on his birthday I take a photo in the same spot. It’s fun to look at how he’s changed!


On this celebratory day, he’d like to share six life lessons.

6. Stop and smell the roses.


It’s easy to get wrapped up in your never-ending to do list. Instead, slow down and enjoy the simple things. Next time you’re out on a run or walk don’t rush through it already thinking of the next thing you have to do. I’m sure you’ll come back feeling refreshed and ready to tackle that next item!

5. Seek adventure.


Get out there, and do something different. Don’t wait until you have more time because you might never find that time. Whether it’s something simple like choosing to run in the rain instead of on a treadmill or spending an entire weekend exploring the mountains instead of sitting on the couch watching movies- seek adventure.


4. Find joy in everything you do. It’s easy to ‘save’ joy for special moments, vacations, celebrations and holidays. Why not find joy every day? Make the choice.


3. Learn to listen, and do it well. If you ask someone how they’re doing, listen to the answer and respond accordingly. If you sense someone is down, listen. They may not want to talk, but I bet they’ll feel better just by knowing you’re there.


2. Run like someone left the gate open.


Running is such a gift. Enjoy it!


1. Love unconditionally. Accept those you love wholeheartedly. I think animals are the only things in the world that know how to do this!


What lessons have you learned from a pet? What’s the hardest lesson to embrace?

47 responses to “Happy birthday and life lessons

  1. I think I have said this to you before, but I absolutely love that Harold talks/feels/acts like a person as much as my dog does! I completely understand it. Happy Birthday Harold!! Hope you get to do something sepcial 🙂

  2. I love this post! Harold has such an expressive little face. So cute! Happy birthday Harold! May we all learn from your way of living life!

  3. Runner Girl Eats

    I loved this! He is too cute and these lessons are perfect. I’ve learned to take time to enjoy the simple things-like running through a sprinkler ever now and then 🙂

  4. This was such a fun post to read! Happy Bday to Harold!

  5. Awww, such a cute post! Happy Birthday Lil’ Buddy!

  6. What a great post! Happy Birthday Harold! lesson number 3 is SUCH a good one. being a good listener really is one of the most important things. Harold is so wise 🙂 that last pic is so cute!! have a great monday!

  7. Harold! Thanks for the life advice! I’d say that I could learn a lot from Ada the Dog about enjoying life. She’s always happy, curious, or relaxed.

  8. This is the best post I have read all morning! This is adorable, and Happy Birthday to Harold! My pets teach me not to take like too seriously, kick back and enjoy the little things!

  9. Happy birthday Harold! Dogs aren’t pets, they’re family!

  10. Love this post idea.. Number 4 is something I need to work on! Happy birthday to Harold!

  11. Such great life lessons, Harold is so wise. Happy birthday to him! 🙂

  12. Absolutely LOVE this! And such fabulous pictures of Harold! We have learned so much from our almost 10-year-old, four-legged baby. MacAfee has taught us it’s ok to take a nap in the middle of the day. To approach life’s simple pleasures, like walks, with enthusiasm. And that big, sloppy kisses are the best remedy for whatever ails you! Happy Bday Harold!!

  13. Awe!! Happy birthday to Harold!! Soo cute!~ AMazing life lessons! I especially love the adventure one! 🙂

  14. Harold is very wise! You should be quite proud. : )

    Love the lessons our dogs can teach us. Happy birthday to him!

  15. Happy birthday to your ‘son’! I’m not a huge animal person but your dog is pretty freakin’ cute!

  16. Happy birthday Harold – you’re very cute and very wise!

  17. Happy birthday to Harold! I love this post!

  18. Love this post!!!! Happy Birthday Harold!!! He is wise beyond his years 😉

  19. Oh I absolutely adore this post and all of your awesome pictures of Harold!!! Happy birthday pupster (that’s from my Bella). I couldn’t agree more that dogs have such unconditional love – we could learn so much from them! I think “being in the moment” without fast forwarding to “the next thing” is the toughest for us humans.

    Thanks….this post was such a lift 🙂

  20. This is such a great post. I love the lessons and they are so good to remind yourself of what really matters. Thank you for posting and happy birthday to your sweet pup!

  21. I love a good tribute to woman’s best friend!
    He seems like a perfect companion!
    I read a quote today that read something like: God made your ears so they would never close and your mouth so that it would for good reason. This is now TWO reminders in one day to be a good listener… hm…

  22. Great Post!!!! Harold is still living life at the “age” of 40!! 🙂 Great lessons to live by!!

  23. makingthymeforhealth

    I love this post about your doggy, he is adorable! I’ve learned to appreciate the small things in life like going for a walk and enjoying a good treat! Oh, and unconditional love, you can’t beat that one. 🙂

  24. runnerbydefault

    My favorite post ever!! I love Harold (I think I have referred to him as Howard before, sorry). Happy birthday!! Our pooch turns 14 in a week. Gotta love the dogs!!

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