Spare time

Although participating in an Ironman and crossing that finish line is such an indescribable feeling, the week after is pretty great too!


(You better believe I’ll be posting Ironman Coeur d’Alene photos at every opportunity!)

I came home from work and wasn’t in a mad rush to get out the door again.

I ate junk without thinking about it.

I took Harold on leisurely walks.


I visited with my niece, sister, and brother-in-law.

I took out both my cruiser and my mountain bike not once, but twice.

I went to the Farmer’s Market on a Saturday morning and perused many booths. (Not normally possible when Ironman training.)

I lazed around for an entire long weekend and took two naps.


That being said, I can’t wait to get back at it and get ready for Ironman Canada!

I took last week ridiculously easy, riding my road bike once, and running and swimming naked (sans watch) once each.

This week I hope to pick it up a little. My legs are feeling pretty good and my bike ride was really strong (if only it could be on race days)!

I’m trying to be smart about it and take more time than rush back into it and struggle for the next eight weeks.

Plus, I think I could use one more week to enjoy this spare time!

What are your favourite recovery activities?

42 responses to “Spare time

  1. omg i didn’t even realize your next ironman is coming up SO soon! i mean, i know you have the counters in the sidebar, but STILL, that just hit me. there has got to be another word for people who do multiple ironmans a season- like supreme jedi warrior, or something along those lines?? yay for those naps! also that photo is adorable you look so happy!!

  2. I think that’s the very best way to go! It keeps it fresh on so many levels. Enjoy the downtime while you can!

  3. Enjoy your free time! It’s nice to take some time to do things leisurely!

  4. Can you share a little bit about the KT tape you are wearing in your race photo? I have been having some knee pain on the run and tried KT tape briefly. Are you having knee issues? The KT tape must help you since you wore it on race day.

    • Hi Lee! Sorry to hear you’ve been having knee pain.
      I’ve had knee issues for a couple years now. I go to a physiotherapist and for regular massage. However, I started using KT tape a couple months ago and love it! It apparently creates stability and support. I’ve used it in long training sessions and in both my half iron distance triathlon and this Ironman. I do the full knee support taping:
      It seems to help, but I don’t want to be dependent on it! Has it seemed to help you?

  5. Enjoy the down time and think of it as much-needed recovery time for your body to feel fresh & energized for your next IM! Agree with Charlotte that you are a supreme jedi warrior and even supreme jedi warriors deserve a few days off every now and then!

  6. WHAT? You get a short rest and then more ironman training??? I didn’t know you already had plans for another IM!

  7. Good for you!!! You had a killer race!! You need time physically and mentally to recover so u have a greatIMC!!
    Enjoy your time off!!! Take another week!! Why not?!?!? 🙂
    My favorite thing to do while recovering is to go to breakfast and go to movies!!

    • Mmm…I think I’m going to have to go for breakfast this weekend, as that does sound fabulous!
      I definitely think I needed to mentally recover to get back into training!

  8. How awesome for you that you have something on the horizon, but enough time to relax after such an amazing feat! Enjoy this!! You deserve it and your body needs it!
    I love to nap, read, and ride my bike to recover 🙂

  9. Welcome to my life. I get to do this everyday ;). Not that my training I anywhere near yours but I do enjoy rest week! You deserve another!
    Emma @ a mom runs this town

  10. You have earned every minute of this R&R from training and competing!! ENJOY it!! I love to sit down with a good book and some tea, get coffee with friends, go for a walk, or watch the news! HA! OH and bake of course!

  11. Congrats again and the time is well earned. Enjoy it and just think – you’ll get to do it again in just a short time to come…

  12. Enjoy your well-deserved time off. You’re about to do it all again, so make the most of it! 😉

  13. Enjoy your free time, you earned it!

  14. You are a beast! I’m so envious of your ironman accomplishment and that you’re doing ANOTHER one! Amazing. Glad you had some relaxing time!! It always feels good to veg out and be proud of yourself 🙂

  15. I hope you recover well and quickly. I am looking forward to reading about your build to IMC. I am hoping to race it next year (if I can get in).

  16. I love reading about your recaps. You are seriously a machine, haha! Good work. You’re definitely inspiring for my first half this September.

  17. Just found your blog on Running Fumes! 🙂 AHH! Congrats on your Ironman! I am excited to follow your training for the next one 🙂

    And that sounds like a great week “off”! 😉

  18. Runner Girl Eats

    Another Ironman?! Good thing you’ve gotten in some good relaxing!

  19. Number 1 is sleeping for sure followed shortly by eating junk. Glad you are enjoying your extra time!!!

  20. runnerbydefault

    I am sure Harold is VERY grateful for your spare time!! He looks pretty content!! 🙂

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