Summits of My Life review: My version of the Hollywood crush

People are generally met with my blank stare when the ‘Hollywood crush’ conversation comes up. All I can think of are running and triathlon stars, who most people know nothing about!

Forget dreamy eyes or an Oscar win. My version of the Hollywood crush requires strong legs, high VO2 max, and a long race resume. And it’s not just men that make my list.

Triathletes Chrissie Wellington and Linsey Corbin, Canadian ultra-running star Ellie Greenwood, and of course Kara Goucher and Shalane Flanagan fit the requirements too.

Just walking and talking with Chrissie!

Just walking and talking with Chrissie!

On the men’s side I am fascinated by every long-distance track competitor and love many triathletes and marathoners.

However, I am absolutely captivated by Kilian Jornet. I’ve written about him and his beautiful trail running before. I ordered his book, Run or Die, and cannot wait to devour it. I read magazine and online articles about him, and walk away astounded every time. And I’ve wanted to check out his Kilian’s Quest episodes and Summits of My Life project for a long time.


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Summits of My Life is a new way to get to know Kilian. Here’s what the website has to say:

“In addition to being an exceptional skier and mountain runner, we’ll now see Kilian Jornet as an alpinist willing to go the extra mile in an attempt to break the records set on some of the most breathtaking summits in the world.”

It’s a multi-year project where he explores the world’s largest mountains culminating in his attempt to break the ascent and descent record of Mount Everest. He also tries to do it with the least amount of equipment possible, to better feel nature and the mountains.

On Sunday, Kelly and I watched A Fine Line, the first film in the project. It revolves around the first two challenges, traversing Mont Blanc from east to west and from north to south.

We were awe-struck from the natural ease and grace of Kilian’s running and skiing to the gorgeous videography and peaks and soothing original music by Zikali. It *almost* made me excited for winter!

It’s a unique film showcasing Kilian’s history, talent and drive. It features the risks they take. My palms were sweating a few times with the daring ridges and steep declines.  It’s an emotional film, too. Watch it to find out why.

Although Kilian is still a runner and skier, this project is about a lifestyle and values to live by.

A Fine Line left me wanting more. I am now anxiously waiting for the next instalment of his journey.

Who is your favourite athlete, male or female?


39 responses to “Summits of My Life review: My version of the Hollywood crush

  1. Oh neat. I’ll have to check out that film, it sounds incredible. I’m amazed at all the insanely fit, courageous (and crazy?) people out there who climb mountains and run sub-3 marathons. so inspiring!

  2. oh wow, i want to see a fine line! i also want to read run or die. there’s really no motivation like athletically driven motivation, in my opinion. because the principles it takes to push the limits of yourself and your body and your mind are the same limits we apply to ourselves in life- professionally, socially, and emotionally. i may never scale everest, but reading stories like Kilian Jornet’s helps me overcome my own personal everests.

  3. I have been itching to see A Fine Line! My friend saw it a few weeks ago and has been talking about it non-stop. SO fascinating what some people do and how they do it! I’ll have to check out that book as well, Run or Die sounds awesome!

  4. Favorite athlete? I’d rather tell you about my Hollywood crush….Justin Timberlake!

  5. I like Kara Goucher and Ryan Hall as far as runners go, but I also like Kerri Walsch too. She just seems like a genuine down to earth person and a phenomenal athlete who I would love to meet!

  6. Gotta check out A Fine Line! This sounds like something my husband and I would absolutely love! One of my all-time favorite runners is Bernard Lagat. He is such an amazing competitor, but he makes running look so graceful and easy. Plus, he just seems like a really nice person. In all of his post-race interviews, he is so appreciative of being a naturalized U.S. citizen and always brings his little kids out on the track for victory laps. Growing up as a competitive swimmer, I loved Janet Evans and got to meet her before the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.

    • Yes- Lagat does seem like a great person; I love when people take their kids on victory laps or hold them during post-race interviews!
      Wow- so cool you got to meet one of your swimming idols!

  7. I love this, these people are WAYYY more “real” than a lot of the Hollywood celebrities. My favorite athlete is Scott Jurek. Vegan and an ultramarathoner!? YES!

  8. That sounds like a great movie and very cool guy. I’m with you on crushing on female athletes (Chrissie, Shalane, Kara, just to name a few!). I also love Kelly Williamson (she’s a pro triathlete that does tons for MS awareness).

  9. Sophie @ life's philosophie

    I don’t know if they’re my favorite athletes, but I had my first Hollywood moment with Shalane Flanagan and Joan Benoit Samuelson. They were at the Nike Women’s 1/2 in DC and I got a high fives from both of them when I crossed the finish line. SO cool.

  10. Kara Goucher is one of my favorite runners. I met her a few times at RNR expos. Linsey Corbin is one of my favorite triathletes. She won IMAZ for the first time the year I did it. She passed me on the run. It was so awesome to see her in action. I sent her an email right after that. She emailed me back. it was so exciting! Julia Mancuso is my favorite skier. Kerry Walsh and Misty May are epic beach volleyball players!! I could go on and on!! 🙂

  11. Oh I need to check this out. Justin has been watching KONA recaps on ESPN and I actually know about Chrissie! I’m the same way as you, although should a Hollywood star like Patrick Dempsey walk by, I’d be just as excited!

  12. I love that you have triathlete and runner crushes. So fun and I agree with you too. I need to look more in to KJ. Sounds pretty awesome. Thanks for the book recommendation and new athlete to follow 🙂 Dean Karnazes is one of my favs, along with Chrissie, Linsey. I also following cycling and I have my favs there too. Tour De France!

  13. I’m so with you–there’s really not anyone in Hollywood that gets it done for me. But some of the ultra studs and tri studs out there are another story! And I, too, am fascinated by Killian. I need to watch that series and check it out! I’m assuming you’ve seen Unbreakable?

  14. Oh I have a serious girl crush on Kara Goucher, Shalane Flanagan, and Lesley Patterson. I too find athletes much more attractive! There aren’t any pro men I’m drawn to, but I have certainly seen a few at area races. LOL

  15. you know i love this! i love those people. Way better than oscars!

  16. OMG IS THAT YOU TALKING TO CHRISSIE????? Ehm, yeah, so clearly right there with you.
    I’m currently listening to Chris McCormack’s autobiography as an audiobook but as much as I want to like him, he doesn’t really do himself any favors… :/

    • You know it! And I love that we look like buddies, just walking and talking!
      Ha ha- his autobiography was very honest! I really respect him as an athlete but would be highly intimidated by him! He’ll be at Challenge Penticton (the old Ironman Canada) this year to promote it. I really wish we had signed up for that Iron distance instead of Whistler!

  17. Favorite athlete… I have only recently started running (a little over a year) and so I don’t know many runners yet. There is a pro runner whose name is Stephanie at TRF that really impressed me at our last workout. I love the relationship that Shalane and her running partner have with one another.
    I do watch a little bit of hockey/golf/baseball/basketball and a lot of football. It’s too scary to pick a favorite from that pool of athletes. For example, my answer would have been “Brett Favre.” Enough said.

    • That was awesome she came out to the practice. I love how down to earth pro runners and triathletes are!
      Favre definitely had a long run being one of the top in the sport!

  18. runnerbydefault

    I am going to have to add Run or Die to my book list. Thanks for all the heads up on the running/endurance books. I have really enjoyed them!

  19. My husband introduced me to Kilian’s videos a while back. We love watching him run and ski with such little effort. His videography is amazing!

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