Struggling – weekend recap

I know many people participate in multiple Ironmans each season. I know there are pros who race multiple Iron distance events a couple weeks apart. (Just take a look at Hillary Biscay’s race results– amazing!)

I knew signing up for two Ironman events nine weeks apart would be an interesting challenge for me. I wasn’t sure if I’d get injured, how my body would recover, and if I’d mentally be ready for another one.

Well, after an Ironman you are on cloud nine.

I guess I did have fun on the bike!

I guess I did have fun on the bike!

You’re more in love with the sport than ever before. You’re proud of what you accomplished. And you have itchy fingers wanting to sign up for the next one. Luckily, we already had our next one in the books for August 25 in Whistler! I was excited to have that to look forward to and train towards!

It’s now been three weeks since IMCdA and we have six weeks to go to our next one. Technically that means three weeks of solid training and then a gradual three week taper.

I have to admit I am struggling. I took two weeks easy and wanted to hit it harder in my third week before really turning it on in the fourth. My two weeks easy turned into three when a seven-mile run nearly did me in! My pace was incredibly slow and laboured. It just didn’t feel right.

So I took the next day totally off and instead we took Harold for a walk on the gorgeous trails!

Instagram photo under Abs2727

Instagram photo under Abs2727

I’ve had two great bike rides and two pretty tough ones (and it wasn’t because I was riding hard or fast). On Saturday we set out for a 140km/87 mile ride. My legs were burning within the first 30 minutes and the entire ride was a struggle.

Normally I’d brush it off realizing people have bad days. But I became concerned about how I’m going to get ready for Whistler while balancing the extra time my body needs.

I’m trying not to worry about it since I had a great race in Coeur d’Alene. Whistler will just be the icing on the cake regardless of how I do. But of course I’d like to do well. And I know I need to listen to my body. (I guess this is why people hire coaches!)

On Sunday we woke up to rain. We went for an easy 10km run. I always say running in the rain is good for my soul, and it helped me feel much better!

There’s a supported bike ride we’re planning on participating in this coming weekend. I am scared to attempt the 185km route after my hard 140km but it will be a great way to see where I am at for the rest of training. My plans this week are to listen to my body and take an extra day or two off if I need it so I can conquer the long ride on the weekend.

On a personal note, it was my dad’s birthday this weekend and we enjoyed celebrating my cousin and his new wife at their wedding!

How do you train for events close together? Do you take the time your body needs or do you try to push through?

What was the highlight of your weekend?

43 responses to “Struggling – weekend recap

  1. I think listening to your body and taking extra rest days is the smart thing to do! At this point a few extra rest days won’t impact your fitness level, and it’s better to take an extra day off and recover vs. getting injured and being sidelined for much longer. You are going to rock the Whistler IM!

  2. Runner Girl Eats

    I am so impressed you are tackling another IM so soon! Listen to your body and I think you will do great! Also, Whistler is one of my favorite places ever. It is soooooo pretty!

  3. You’re always smart about listening to your body – I’m just in awe of your passion for fitness & living a healthy lifestyle!

  4. I hope things get better soon! I’m sure you’ll have an absolute blast on race day, regardless of how training goes!

  5. I think listening to your body is soo necessary in this case. especially because at this point you know what you’re capable of and you can really trust your body. (mine, on the other hand, sometimes freaks out over nothing, and a little tylenol goes a long way) however, i’m talking about an hour of bar method, you are talking about 87 MILES. you are functioning on a different level entirely and if rest is what you need, rest is what you should take. you’re in such great shape- you’ll be ready, stronger than ever for whistler! happy belated bday to your dad! and congrats to your cousin!

  6. Listening to your body is key. If I have two races close together, I usually honk of one as a training race (albeit maybe slightly harder than a regular training race) and he other race as he one to PR at.

  7. I hope you’ll feel better soon!! I am always so inspired by you guys.. I have a hard time doing two (official) half marathons in a summer let alone two IRONMANS! You are always so good at listening to your body, and just as you said, Whistler will be the icing on the cake – just enjoy it and don’t worry about your time. You ROCKED your last one and come race day I am sure you passion will see you through 🙂 … considering its in Whistler, I might try and come up that weekend to cheer ya on (although I know it will be a hectic weekend for you)! It would be so neat to see!

    • Thank you, Britta. Keep in mind you run a lot of half marathons for fun in training!
      That would be amazing if you came to Whistler!!! I’d love to meet you, and it would be SUCH an inspiring event to watch. I would bet you’ll walk away wanting to sign up for next year’s!

  8. Oh – I hope that you continue to listen to your body and that an extra day or two off help and then you are able to hit it hard!!! I can’t even imagine having to train that intensely for 2 big races so close together!!

  9. I definitely think more rest is better! I ran a 1/2 marathon 8 weeks after IMCdA last year and I could tell I still wasn’t recovered. I had read it takes at least 8 weeks for your body to rest and be ready to race again after an IM and even then I wasn’t feeling great. Rest rest rest and remember that race day did add some fitness!

  10. Listen to your body, I’d say. Obviously you’re already in IM-shape, and you won’t be losing that much fitness if you’re giving yourself a bit more rest than planned. If anything, it’ll do you a world of good. Also, after yesterday’s race(s) for me, you’re on top of my personal hero list!!!

  11. It is such a hard thing knowing how your body will respond to back to back big races. I have done back to back marathons (3-6 weeks in between) twice over the past few years. One time it ended up great, I ran a new PR at the second marathon the first time I did this, but the second time I did it both races were a struggle!

  12. You know you can do it… you JUST did! Just listen to your body. I think it’s smarter to do two races back to back- why waste training on just one shot? Although, doing even 1 Ironman a year is still crazy in my books!
    emma @ a mom runs this town

  13. Listen to your body! If you’re getting enough rest and eating well, I bet you’ll snap right back. It’s more important for you to get your rest and allow your body to recover right now than to get those extra training sessions in. Don’t train hard before your body is ready.

    My weekend highlight was when my 25-year old son ran a 45-mile ultramarathon that I organized pretty much just for him! 🙂

  14. Wow that sounds like a tough turn around time! I’m sure you are stronger and faster than you realize and need to listen to your body on how to train these next few weeks. Before I did my first marathon I did an Olympic Tri. When I finished the tri, I realized I was a few weeks away from 26 miles and had no idea where to start. In the end all of my cross training really helped me out. Glad you got outside for a beautiful hike! Good luck this week!

  15. Wow. It’s probably tough not to read more into fatigue and burning legs when you have something on the horizon. It sounds like you’ve chosen a good outlook, though. You’re continuing to train and you’re giving yourself rest when you need it. Maybe you’re having more trouble with the mental side of it coming off of a great race. I don’t know! I wish I could help, though!
    I ran my first half, took a full week off, and then started training for my full. Shortly before I ran the full a colleague asked if Glenn and I would want to run another half 4 weeks after our full. We said yes and tried to be really smart about our training. I took 2 – 3 days off after the full and used a training plan that didn’t seem to outrageous (I don’t have a coach, either!).

  16. You’re amazing. Mentally and physically it’s difficult to do races back to back. I think you’re doing it right. Taking a break is always good and clear you head with a great hike. Can you send the trails this way? You always have the most gorgeous sceneries. The highlight of my weekend was doing our first race as a family. We did a 5 miler together. Matt took the baby and I got to run solo. Very nice!

  17. I’m glad you’re listening to your body and taking it easy when needed. Hopefully after some more rest your body will be ready to train hard again!

  18. Your training is SO much more intense than anything I’ve trained for, and I always take at least a week off after any big races (usually just the half marathons.) You know your body the best, so only you know what it really needs! Either way I am sure you will do great at your next Ironman, and regardless of time, you have so much time to do hundreds more!! I love running in the rain, it’s sooooo liberating.

  19. Tough call!! I feel so worn out mentally and physically after an IM. I really want to get back to training but I feel like crap or really “flat” I think is the word. You just don’t have the oomph you had before the race! I think that you will be fine…you have enough fitness to get you through Whistler. Do what you can and if you need to take a rest day…take one! I think that you will start feeling better soon!!
    I have a hard time taking time off(which you know!) 🙂 I probably push it a little too hard at the beginning but I feel better after a shorter amount of time!!
    I had a fun weekend with the new guy I am dating!!

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  21. runnerbydefault

    Taking a day off to hike with the pooch sounds like a great way to clear your head and prepare for your training. The changes in the weather (heat) probably change things too making some days seem worse than others. Wow…what a long bike ride!! Do you do loops of the same route or do you do all new scenery the whole ride?

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