Friday faves – version two

I rarely post on a Friday, but there are a few things I’m really loving right now that I thought I’d share.

1. Drying my clothes outside. I always air-dry my workout gear, but letting the summer breeze dry them takes it to the next level!

Clothes This is what a weeks worth of running/biking laundry looks like with the variance in temperatures!

2. A cylinder lawnmower. Last summer our gas one gave out. Kelly bought a green one that works like scissors. I enjoy mowing the lawn and like it even better now that it’s easy and good for the environment! (Our gas one was SO hard for me to start!)

3. My SPIbelt. I know they aren’t a new product, but it’s new to me! I’ve always carried my phone in my hand, had it bouncing in a pocket, or avoided taking one with me. With my hot pink SPIbelt, I can take my phone, toilet paper, and some money on all my runs.

SPIbeltTrailsI’m most surprised with how comfortable it feels and the lack of bouncing.

4. Fresh raspberries. My parent’s raspberry crop is ready so and my mom gave me a huge container picked right from the bush. Store bought just doesn’t compare.

5. Your support. From the highs of finishing Ironman Coeur d’Alene to admitting my struggle with getting back into training, your comments, advice, and encouragement are much appreciated. I wouldn’t consider myself a narcissist, but I sure feel like it sometimes when I blog and talk about myself so often. The online friendships I’ve made make it worth it all.

What are some things you’re loving this summer?

44 responses to “Friday faves – version two

  1. I love my Spi-belt too! I wish I could air-dry my clothes in the summer. Living in the crowded city though, it’s not a smart idea ha :(.

  2. I need to get a SPIbelt and tri it out, I have heard so many good things about them.

  3. I love how colorful all your workout clothes are! So pretty! Most of mine are too dark, I need to incorporate some bright colors like yours. and omg you had me at raspberries- those must be AMAZING picked right from the bush! im jealous! and your stories of coeur d’alene and getting back into training, etc are among the most inspiring posts ive read on any blog- i love coming to your blog for a huge dose of inspiration- it never fails!

  4. I air dry all of my workout clothes too, but never even thought about putting them outside. Duh! Great idea, although I’ll have to wait until it’s not so humid, otherwise they’ll never dry! Laughing, phone, money AND toilet paper…essentials for long runs. So glad we can support your IM journey, even if just virtually. Making connections and meeting new friends is my favorite part of blogging!

  5. Runner Girl Eats

    Once I start hitting longer distances I will be looking for a belt and will def have to remember spibelts. I am also lovingggg raspberries!

  6. NOTHING better than air drying clothes outside…I feel like they even smell fresher! I also love how your workout clothes resemble a neon rainbow, so great. I haven’t tried a belt, but I am intrigued.. the SPIbelt might be on my list of next purchases!

  7. I’m like Nicole – I air dry most of our stuff but have never put it outside! Maybe next laundry day!!!
    This summer I’m loving AC – as much as I love summer and heat, I love to cool off inside!

  8. I love that you dry them outside..there’s nothing better than fresh air 🙂 I really need to try the SPI belt thing, that’s different from a flip belt right? Either way I need something easy to carry all my goodies. ESP toilet paper..GENIUS!

  9. Great summer favorites. I love my SpiBelt too. Also loving jumping in my pool for my version of an ice bath after long runs (it is not as cold as an ice bath, but I enjoy it much more!).

  10. Our neighbors just brought over some fresh raspberries and they are sooo good!!

  11. I need a belt… maybe i should try that. Have you tried a flipbelt? Love the natural drying machine!

  12. I have a flipbelt and I really like it. However, it’s not waterproof or even sweatproof, so I end up having to put my phone in a baggie to run with it. Obviously here on the “wet coast” I don’t expect my phone to stay dry in the winter of course! Do you think the spibelt is waterproof enough to not need a baggie? Maybe not in a typical Nov-Feb downpour, but what about regular sweating or light rain?

    • I don’t think it would be waterproof enough to need a baggie. It’s pretty thin. I usually keep my phone in a bag but forgot one day and it was definitely a bit wet from sweat.

  13. Fresh raspberries! Yum! My 11 year old LOVES them, too. 🙂
    That natural drying contraption you have is fantastic. I have enough of a yard now that I could totally do something like that. Most of my clothes are air dried anyway in the house (I am tall and don’t want things to shrink).

  14. I also air dry all if my workout clothes and I love that they dry in a day instead if 3!!

    I love summer. The long days! Riding my bike to see friends!! Not having to worry about it raining! (Most of the time)

  15. How fun to dry your clothes outdoors. I always air dry my workout clothes too but never thought to let the sun do the work. I am loving the Tour De France and marker’s markets!

  16. I need to start drying my clothes outside. I usually hang them in my downstairs, and my house gets so hot it’s almost better than outside hahaha. I LOVE the fresh berries right now too yes yes yes!! My favorite part about summer is the EARLY morning sunrise.

  17. runnerbydefault

    Fresh fruit is the best part of summer!!! I am terrible…I dry all my workout clothes. No wonder it doesn’t last very long!!

  18. Oh my now that is a lot of biking clothes! LOL

    I love the lawn mower! Ours smells so yucky…I’d feel so much better using a “green” one!

    The belt is awesome. I am always hiding my car keys somewhere on my car, which isn’t exactly safe.

  19. Haha, I LOVE your washing line. That’s what mine looks like too. I have a SPIbelt but haven’t used it in a while (due to lack of long runs). Do you have it up high on your waist? I find that’s the only place I can get away with it without it bouncing all over the place!

  20. I love my new-to-me SPIbelt, too. Sounds like we carry about the same things in them! I guess that’s just a runner thing, though. 🙂

    Definitely farmers’ markets (with fresh fruits and veggies) are part of my favorite summer things! And of course visiting my parents and their garden last week!

  21. SO inspired by your blog!! love it. hmmm, being off with my daughter and all of our quality time together is definitely my favourite part of summer!

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