Second camping trip of the season

We had another fantastic weekend in Jasper. I got in a memorable bike ride and trail run. More importantly, I had a wonderful weekend hanging out with my husband and pup in a place we all love.


We got to our campsite on Thursday evening and sat around the fire before calling it a night.

On Friday morning, I hopped on my bike to tackle Maligne Lake Road. (It’s one of my favourite rides along with one we did earlier this year.)

This road is stunning, surrounded by giant mountains and passing by beautiful Medicine Lake. It’s also uphill most of the way to the lake, climbing over 1,000 metres or 3,300 feet! It was a tough ride but the breathtaking beauty cancelled it out.


Maligne Lake is one of the most popular tourist spots in Jasper, so it’s always fun to stand around and listen to the various accents from international travellers!

Once I made it to the lake, I stopped for a photo and some food before enjoying the descent. I saw a bear on the way down and was brave enough to stop for a minute. I debated pulling out my camera but rethought the idea and got out of there!


Kelly and Harold hiked near Maligne Lake so they could check on me on the way up. They went on a beautiful hike and saw two moose swimming and playing in the water!


Once we all got back to camp, we went into Jasper town to go on another hike. We did part of the Saturday Night Lake Loop.


We walked by two beautiful lakes, through some forest, and were rewarded with views of the valley.


By this time, my legs were toast and I was soaked in sweat so we went back to camp for supper where we relaxed and read by the fire for the rest of the night.

On Saturday, it was Kelly’s turn for a day of biking so he headed out nice and early on his mountain bike to hit the trails hard with a friend.


Harold and I enjoyed a relaxing morning reading by the river and hanging out at camp. He was absolutely exhausted after his big day on Friday!


I even found some time to stretch my tired body in the perfect yoga location of a little clearing surrounded by trees.

Kelly came back and we wanted to hike again, but Harold wouldn’t have it. So instead we walked around Jasper popping into shops.  It was hot, so we ate supper by the river. I was tired and asleep early only to be awoken by the most calming sound of rain. Camping sleeps are always great, but add raindrops falling and they’re even better!

On Sunday morning we planned on going for a family trail run but decided it would be too hard on Harold. So I laced up my sneakers and hit the trails for almost 10 miles of bliss. Most of my run was alongside the river with views of the mountains all around.

On the way back, I saw Kelly and Harold who were out for a little walk. Kelly took some ‘rave run’ photos of me on my favourite trails!


It was a fantastic way to cap off an amazing weekend of outdoor fun. I can’t wait until we go back!

Where is your favourite hike? What do you like better: road cycling, mountain biking, or trail running?

45 responses to “Second camping trip of the season

  1. Wow! Stunning landscapes!!!! You are so lucky to have access to training sites like this. I am jealous 🙂 Good luck at IMC!

  2. You always have the most amazing photos of natural scenery! Sounds like a fantastic weekend! And Harold is quickly becoming my favorite blog dog, he has such a little personlity! “Kelly came back and we wanted to hike again, but Harold wouldn’t have it” hahahaha aw. My favorite hiking spot is in Colorado, but it doesnt have the views that Jasper does!

    • You have no idea how big of a smile I got when I read that Harold is becoming a favourite of yours! He certainly has personality, and quite a stubborn streak!
      I’ve been to Denver a few times but never hiked anywhere in Colorado. I’d love to one day!

  3. I haven’t been camping in forever, but if I got to camp in beautiful places like that, maybe I’d go more often!

  4. Those 3 activities are my 3 favorites and I can NEVER decide which one I like to do more, although I probably road cycle the most. I would say that I like road cycling in the summer and trail running in the winter.

  5. Gorgeous pictures – I don’t think I would ever get tired of that scenery!!! I haven’t tried trail running and I’m not really a biker – my favorite is actually treadmill running (I know that’s odd but true!!).

  6. Stunning views– looks like you had a great time!

  7. Now this is my idea of a weekend getaway! Some of these pictures remind me of Glacier National Park in Montana. I have got to get to Jasper & Banff soon – the mountains are calling me!!

  8. I just love your adventures!! You and your husband are the perfect active couple!!! What a blast!

  9. LOVE the picture of you running trails! That’s great! Glad you had such a fun outdoor weekend. I love that you two make Harold the center of it all and work around what he wants.

  10. WOW, gorgeous!!! Please send me directions to this beautiful place and I will be on my way! I love a good’s the perfect way to refresh and clear my mind!

  11. cool “rave run” picture 🙂 i’ve always wanted the boyfriend to come with me on some trails and take some, haha. place looks great and your dog is adorable!

  12. So beautiful! I’m sad that I don’t think our family we get any more camping trips in this summer. Your post makes me want to get out into the mountains ASAP!

  13. It looks and sounds like you had an amazing time! You are making me homesick for hikes up into the Tetons. Without a doubt our favorite hike was to Lake Solitude when we were on our honeymoon.

    I think your pup is adorable! 🙂 And Harold is such a manly name for an outdoorsy dog!

    I think I could run all day on those trails you’re running on. At least until I saw a bear! BTW, we are having Wyoming kind of weather here on the east coast today!

  14. Sounds like an amazing weekend! It looks gorgeous there! I like trial running the best of those three although honestly i’ve never been mountain biking!

  15. Gorgeous weekend! And that photo of your family is beautiful. Should be in an outdoor magazine!

  16. Those pictures are stunning! You should blow some up to hang in your home! I love that you guys get out hiking and biking. I am a road or easy trail girl. I don’t think you will ever catch me in the mountains on my bike!

  17. Looks like an awesome weekend!!! I am so glad you are getting to do some fun stuff while IM training!! 🙂
    I would rather road bike!!

  18. So beautiful! I would love to visit Jasper some day. I have been wanting to get up camping all summer but haven’t been able to make it happen. I think I just need to make it happen before it gets too cold up in the Colorado mountains.

    Given the choice I would much rather trail run, I really want to spend some time getting better at it.

    Hope you are feeling good and ready for Ironman Canada!!!

  19. i wish it was cool enough here to hike and camp. Those training grounds look unreal! soak it up!

  20. What a beautiful and fun trip! I love camping, and have put Jasper on my list of places to visit some day. Good luck with your ironman tapering!

  21. runnerbydefault

    Sounds like an awesome weekend! Are you crazy? Stopping to check out a bear? You are braver than me!! 🙂 Poor Harold can’t keep up with you triathletes!!

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