What’s up with my workouts?

I realize I haven’t posted much about my preparation for Ironman Canada this time around. Partly because my workouts haven’t been very scheduled, and they haven’t been that inspiring!

We took Harold for a hair appointment a couple nights ago (he looks very handsome and smells like coconut lime!) so were by the river valley. I ran the trails and Kelly biked alongside me on his mountain bike, doing a few out and backs.


My knee hurt a little, even on the soft trails. My legs were dead, so I cut it short. But it was so great to have company to keep me moving!


I haven’t mentioned it yet, but Kelly isn’t going to participate in Ironman Canada. He made the decision a few weeks ago, but I’ve been hoping he’ll change his mind!

He’s tired out after bike racing and Ironman Coeur d’Alene and just wasn’t in to structured training. Instead, he’s loving mountain biking and running when he wants. I’ve been loving his company on some rides and runs.  His unstructured active schedule gives me more flexibility to train and gets me out of some housework!

Back to training… Since my legs have been so tired I decided to take extra rest days the past couple weeks and took a restorative yoga class the other day. Even during yoga I had to pull out of some poses early to rest my weary legs!

But it was heaven on my tight hips, glutes, and IT band.

Here’s to hoping the taper kicks in and these legs get some snap back!

Do you take extra rest days when your body asks for them, or do you follow your schedule regardless?

41 responses to “What’s up with my workouts?

  1. I used to freak out when unplanned days off popped up, but now I really listen to my body & don’t beat myself up when I need extra rest or an easier day. This week I skipped my tempo run & did a trail run instead. My weary legs loved the softer terrain!!

  2. i think its great you’re listening to your body, in some cases it knows better than your head, you just have to trust it. thats too bad kelly wont be doing the ironman canada, but good for him for listening to his body!! btw – that orange tank is so cute!

  3. I try to follow my schedule as close as possible but definitely take into consideration how my body feels. I NEED to start going to Yoga more…how often do you try and go?

    • I’ve been trying to go once a week, as my work offers it during lunch hour one day. But, I can’t always make it. In winter I was a lot better at practicing at home with a yoga book or DVD.

  4. I have learned (it has taken a long time) to listen to my body about rest days. Sometimes I will go several weeks without a day off and then some weeks I need a couple of days off – I usually just decide that day and go with it!!

  5. I *try* to follow my schedule and have no trouble with swimming and biking but running sometimes has to be cut short. It feels like my legs are constantly full of concrete. Here’s hoping you have a great taper!

  6. Sorry to hear Kelly won’t be doing Canada with you, but it sounds like he is enjoying his unstructured training! You are smart to listen to your body as you are getting closer to race day. You have banked up a ton of training and I bet by next week your taper will be kicking in with rested legs and you will be ready to rock it!

  7. If I know that my body really needs the rest (I’m not just being lazy), then I am totally OK with taking an extra rest day every once in a while. I think it is important to listen to what your body needs. Glad you are doing that! I love yoga for my hips, hamstrings and IT bands….helps sooo much!

  8. I think the most important thing is to listen to your body!

  9. I think you’re doing just the right thing. You’re staying active yet listening to your body. Perfect combo. I’m doing the same at the moment although it’s probably doubtful I’ll make it to the start line in Frankfut at this rate!!! 😉 And good on Kelly for listening to his body, too! You guys rock.

  10. I learnt the benefits of rest days when I once had four days off – during the runs after that I felt full of energy! I hope the same thing happens to you during your taper, and you feel great for Ironman Canada!
    That’s a shame Kelly isn’t doing it too – maybe he can be on race report photo duty instead!

  11. I usually try and train through the “whatever has me down”. It just depends sometimes I take an extra rest day. I am actually taking an “unscheduled” rest day today. My friend was in town this morning and I don’t really feel like doing anything now! 🙂
    Well now Kelly can just cheer for you!! 🙂

  12. Good for you for listening to your body! The older I get, the more willing I am to take those needed rest days!

    I’m sure Harold is quite popular with the ladies now! 🙂

  13. I think ANY workout or training run/bike/whatever you post is always inspiring so don’t worry about that! Nice to hear that you’re taking a few extra rest days – the body wants what the body wants/needs. I am sure your legs will be ready to rock come next weekend and you’ll crush Whistler 🙂 Too bad Kelly decided not to do it, but I guess it’s a good thing if he needs a break AND this just means there will be one extra person cheering you on – wahoo!

  14. Yes to rest days! You deserve them! I love staying active with non training workouts. Those are the BEST!

  15. I push through small aches and pains sometimes when I’m trianing. Which I’m sure is a no-no but if something is major or I’m sick I take time off. Great blog:)

  16. Tell Kelly to try an Xterra triathlon. If he loves mt. biking and trail running, they’d be right up his alley. My husband does them all the time and really enjoys them. Plus, they are pretty short, 2-3 hours usually.

    Glad you got your trail run in!

  17. The last two half marathons that I trained for I would stick to my schedule 100%. This time around I am also doing Insanity, and I have found that I am tired more and just this weekend I honored my body and took it easy with my long run. I am much more relaxed with the training (but I do know that I will do great in the race because I am in much better shape!) I think listening to our bodies is key!

  18. Good idea to rest up! I’ve only spoken with Justin briefly after yesterday’s IM but he said he didn’t rest up enough before it. I’m thinking pedicures, lattes and massages are in your future this week!!

  19. runnerbydefault

    Good luck with your taper! I am sure you will do great. Especially since you have Kelly to cheer you on the whole way through now!

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